V~*Click me for a surpise! :D Hehe!*~V

V~*Click me for a surpise! :D Hehe!*~V
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Monday, January 17, 2011

Ghost Heart

By Happy-Emo-Bunnies

A girl passes down the long halls of her high school. Hair long and straight, clothes black and dark. Her face pail and emotionless. She holds her books in her arms quietly waiting for her class to start. No one sees her, she is invisible to the rest of the world. She doesn't smile or laugh, in recess she just sits there reading. A book no one has heard of, and no one ever will. At home her mother yells, her father hits, she sits emotionless. She goes back to school bravely, another she is fighting the dark emotions bubbling up. She takes out the knife and places the cold metal to her arm. Then a tear slips from her eye, and she drops it.
Like any other day of her life, she sits alone, but, this day is different any other day.
"Hey," Says a small shy voice. She looks up and stares at this new face.
"Are you alright? I see you sitting alone a lot..." I said standing in front of her.
The girl's heart lifts from the dark hole her heart was in before. She shook her head, I down and hugged her, "It's alright..." I said holding the sad girl in my arms
Then, she started to disappear, Her body broken into puzzle pieces and floated up into the air, going up towards heaven. I smiled slightly, "I wish the best for you..."
All that was left of her was the book she was reading, a lock, and a single beautiful key.
The book was intitled,
'Wishing to be unlocked'

Ghost Heart was based after two songs, 'Hero' by Superchic(k) 
and 'Strawberry Gashes' by Jack Off Jill.
-Thanks for reading~ 
Happy Emo Bunnies.


Isabelle said...

that's sad and pretty