V~*Click me for a surpise! :D Hehe!*~V

V~*Click me for a surpise! :D Hehe!*~V
Come in, come in children! Enjoy this demented, deranged show! Hehe!

Friday, October 28, 2011


So, i just had a little problem with a close friend...
She does this a lot too...
Also this all revolves around the post i made right before this about how i stood up to that bully guy who was harassing me, and swearing and stuff.
So we were chatting, and i was telling her this story, and i was so proud of myself, and so very very happy to tell her and finally talk to her about it! We haven't talked in months since she's going to a different school this year...
And i had sent her the whole thing, and she sent a message back going 'I can't read this is your swearing'
And i was like 'Uhh, i didn't swear, i was just repeated what-'
She cuts me off and goes 'YEAH YOU DID SWEAR'
And she totally shut off the conversation...
I didn't swear, i just repeated what the others had said. I even bleeped out the really bad words for her... I was so proud of myself, and she just wouldn't listen to anything i had to say. I don't swear around her anyways, i only say 'Crap' and that's it...
I'm kinda disappointed in her. And really sad that i couldn't share my happy moment with her because she wouldn't let me explain... Really wish she could just pause and let me explain. Because i wanted to show her how strong i was, and i thought she'd be excited with me! I still love her but...
Do you guys have any advice?
It would be nice to hear anything comforting...
I'm really hurt by all this... And i wish i could tell her how i feel... But i know i can't because she'll get angry, we'll get into a fight. I don't want to fight anymore either :\

Thursday, October 27, 2011

No crap taken here :D

You know that post about not letting people give you any crap?
Well, that post helped me a lot today.
Now, i have nothing against swearing. It's when people use it for the wrong purposes, that's what pisses me off.
So today in art class, the teacher was talking and this on group of kids were just talking over her and being really disrespectful. Our art teacher is so nice and sweet, and she never does anything about them, which is really sad because they shouldn't be treating her that way... So, i told them to be quiet and listen, and this one kid, we'll call him 'Lookatmei'marudesnobbyboyandnoonelikesmebecausei'mrudeandreallymeantoeveryoneexceptbigboobiedgirlsandiamsupervulgar'
But, mister Vulgar for short.
So, mister Vulgar knows my family, and i know his. Even though we both know each other he goes 'Fuck you bitch,' and flips me off. And i looked at him with disgust. I did nothing to offend him, i didn't hit him, or punch him. I didn't saying anything for a few minutes after that.
But, he had done this kind of thing before, and i was time i did something about this.
After the teacher finished her talk, we all started to clean up our art projects and put them away. Mister Vulgar just stood in the corner, making rude little comments about me and what i was wearing. I was walking over to the closet door where we keep all of our reference books, and i had borrowed one so i was putting it away. And Vulgar just stood in my way. So i looked into his eyes for a moment, taking a dramatic pause. And then i did the point and stab* while saying 'YOU DO NOT FLIP ME OFF. YOU DO NOT SWEAR AT ME.' He interrupted me by saying 'Are you high? I think she's high!' trying to move the guilt onto me and i repeated. 'YOU WILL NOT FLIP ME OFF AND YOU WILL NOT SWEAR AT ME. DO YOU UNDERSTAND!?' and he backed down. His friends said 'No! Amelia flipped him off!' But, my friends backed me up saying 'Amelia isn't that type!' and 'No she didn't!'.
It felt good. My friend tried beating him with my other friends walking stick, but, i stopped her, saying that it was alright. And actually, some one i dislike greatly, offered to kill him for me! Isn't that nice? (In it's own way...)
Anyways, so i stood up for myself, and good things came out of it! So, if anyone give you crap, speak your mind! But, also keep your cool too, if you lose it, you'll look immature.
So...Yeah, that was my success story. Enjoy

 That's how i feel right now. Like my words are a gun, and i can successfully am them!


*Point and stab: I have long finger nails, so i point my finger at whoever, and poke them hard in the collar bone, it feels like being stabbed. So i call it the point and stab :D You do it in time with your words for more effect. It makes you seem more intimidating.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Now, i know this sounds like a weird website, but, please sign the petition. This isn't actually about Justin Bieber, it is actually about using music in videos. Say, you made a video and posted it on youtube, if there was any clip of music in it that is copyrighted, you could be used, and face up to 5 years in jail. That means is you sang happy birthday and post it online, YOU COULD BE SUED. Now does that seem fair? NO. D:< Even if you are only fourteen! 

Some one talking about this:
Skip to 3:51 to hear him actually talk about it.
Love from the Loveless <3

He called on me

'Amelia, what did you write down?' He said looking down at me.
I opened my mouth and froze. I could feel my heart beating faster as the others looked at me, waiting for my answer. My cheeks became flushed, and i felt like i was burning up. I opened and shut my mouth like a fish out of water. I finally thought of a reasonable thing to say, and blurted out "S-sorry! It's rather personal..."
The teacher paused for a second. Almost like... he was shocked. All the other kids said normal things like 'Food' and 'A family'. I always felt like that's what everyone says, and i wanted to come up with something...more for my answer. I wrote down something personal, something that would require a lot of explaining. Something people would judge me for. I wonder if the teacher felt like i didn't trust him. It's not that i don't trust him, i would gladly tell him it and explain all of it, because i feel HE would understand. But the others wouldn't. For the rest of the night, he didn't look at me. Nor did he talk to me after class. Nor did he even ask what i wrote down for the rest of the questions... He just totally ignored me for the rest of that night. What's so wrong with not wanting to go into your past? What's wrong with not telling people things? It's not as if i am keeping some terrible secret that he NEEDS to know! Isn't it alright to not tell something personal, and stick to it? It's alright to say no now and then, right? What are your thoughts?

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Is this you?

Saturday, October 15, 2011

To: Him. From: Who ever i am.

 To: You. That person in my life who scares me every time i look at you. Last time i talked to you, i almost barfed. You make me sick, sad, and scared. Everything you have ever said to me in the past year scares me. Sorry, that's just how it is.

Your the last person i've ever wanted to see again.
You laughed at me, mockingly.
Yet, i speak no harsh words towards you.
Your threaten my life once again with your conceited griping.
You blame me, and tell me it's all me fault.
A long time again i believed that too.
But, not anymore.
I have realized that it was never my fault.
I did nothing wrong.
This may sound so unprofessional, but, it was your fault.
And i have no regret, i reacted the same way anyone else would.
And now, i will take no more crap like that again.
I don't have to take that. And i won't.
You gave me your heart, i handed it right back to you, without a scratch.
You took it home with you and stabbed it with a long knife.
And then proceeded to say it was all my fault.
But, you know the truth.
i wish i could speak these words aloud, yet, if i did, it may end up more trouble some than it's worth.
So i write these words down here, where they can lay undisturbed.
And, one last thing.
I have never taken anything from you.
Not your friends, not your money, nothing.
So stop giving me that look, and stop whispering little 'things' to me.
I don't want you back. Actually, i never wanted you in the first place.

Sincerely,Who i am, and who ever i while become.
I hope your happy. But i won't give up.

Friday, October 14, 2011

So. I must ask...

How can i improve this blog? What do you guys want me to post more of? What sort of things do you want me to write about?
Post you answer below! :D

Monday, October 10, 2011

I servived the con o.O

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Self Conscious Much?

So today some one came up and said my hair looked really pretty, and that she likes it alot.
Then he said it looked a bit green... Which made me sad. Green hair? Tinted green?
I mean, it'd be cool if it was bright lime green, or something, that would be totally cool with me! But, it's either all of none. Not just tinted. Now i am thinking about whether to dye it white-blond with pink and blue stripes or not... Ugh. I love dying my hair, it gives that extra something to every outfit. But, once it starts to fade, then it just gets ugly. I died my hair blue, then people said it was green, and that started getting to be after a while...
So anyways, i have just been thinking about my hair all day now.. Sheesh. *frowny face*