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V~*Click me for a surpise! :D Hehe!*~V
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Monday, February 28, 2011

Rebel against the voices telling you the lies.
Rebel against the whispers.
Rebel against the screams.
Rebel against the chains.
Break free from the lies, the whispers, the screams, the chains.
Be free my friend.
To day is your free for all.
Be free, and maybe, your freedom will break MY chains.


I flop back on my bed.
I look up at the ceiling.
I reach my HANDS up.
Trying to touch the unattainable. 
My arms flop back, covering my eyes lazily. 
The only things going through my mind was what i could do.
What could i change?
I have a drive to change something but...what?
Do you know what a blue roses stand for?
They stand for the unattainable.
They are my favorite flower.
I put my head phones on and listened to the radio.
What can i do?
When will i make my move?
And where?
I wonder why i love the idea of a blue rose...
I may never know.

A little bit MORE about me ^^

My name is Amelia.
I am 13 and a half.
I'm a heartless dreamer.
If there was anything that made sense about me, it would be my eternal drive.
I will never stop, and i will never give up.
I forgive a little too much.
I'm tall and have brown/blond/red hair with blue streaks.
I'm extremely daring with my look.
I'm a Lolita.
I'm a Goth.
I'm trying the Emo look.
I'm never normal!
I love screamo, metal, and rock.
I get defensive too. 
If you so much as poke my friends, your on path of hurt.
I'm touched by the little things in life.
Lately i've been trying to be a better person.
Hopefully, if i become a better person, i can help more people.
At youth group last night, they talked about our calling.
I think my calling is for those who are lonely.
Those who need love.
The outcasts.
The Goth.
The Emos.
The sad people who need some love.
I'm gonna work towards that.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Reach out

Remember that one post with the video link to an emo girl ranting, well, this is what she was ranting about:
 This is the worst thing i have EVER seen.
I cried.
How could some one do this?
And why?
...this is awful.
It's just like racism. 
It IS racist.
I mean, you don't KNOW the person.
Why do you want to kill them?
If you agree that this is wrong, and it is racist, please comment.
I will take the world by surprise, and save many lifes.
This is my motivation.
I agree about what she is saying. Do you?


Stab this heart.
Break it.
Snap it.
Take it away from me.
I don't care anymore.
It causes too much pain anyways.
Maybe if it's broken, everything will heal.
I don't care about what you have to say.
I don't care about how good your life is.
I don't care how popular you are.
I am me.
But, being myself only gets me laughed at...
So, if i give away my heart...
The voices will stop.
But, who will i be if i'm not myself?
Why don't you understand.
We are all the same.
That my pain is not to gain.

Friday, February 25, 2011


the typewriter went.
The clock went.
Her emotions flew from her fingers onto the paper.
Her mind gears were rolling fast.
So serious.
She knew what she wanted to say.
She knew everything she needed to do.
She understood.
She smiled.
'Maybe...maybe this will fix everything' she hoped.
She pulled the paper out of the typewriter, and held in close to her heart.
'Pure, hopeful, happy...' she quoted.
She pulled out an envelope.
She placed her letter filled with her emotions in it.
She gently licked it, and put postage.
She delivered it.
She prayed everything will be fine.
"If he gets this, everything shall work out..."
She believed.
That's all she needed.

I hold on so tightly...
That everything breaks.
I guess there is no use...
But, if I let go, what will happen?

Some random drawings on mine... ((Click to enlarge*

Thursday, February 24, 2011


A small girl stood in the snow.
Shoeless and Frostbitten.
She watch the snow fall with a smile.
'This may be the last one i see...' she muttered.
She laid down on the park bench, trying to curl up and keep warm.
She was smiling.
'So..pretty...' she said under her breath as sleep over came her.
That night, it snow more in the dead of night.
A small car pulled up.
A tall, older lady.
She picked up the young girl.
'What was she doing out here?' She asked herself putting the young girl into the car.
The nice lady put a blanket over her.
The next morning the young girl woke up in a warm bed, with clean sheets.
The smells of bread and pastries came to her nose.
She got up and walked out of the bed room, 'where am i?'
She walked into the kitchen to see a lady baking bread.
'Umm~' she stuttered,
The lady turned around.
'Oh, Hi. I guess your awake!' she said turning back around to take the bread out of her oven.
'Go ahead and sit down, Hunny' she said pointing at the table.
The girl went ahead and sat down.
Those two girls spent the day together.
The lady explained the situation.
She couldn't give birth so, they made an agreement.
Later that night, her husband came home.
He started to beat the two of them.
The wife yelled back, the young girl took the beatings.
The husband beat the wife so hard, she died.
He took out a gun and pointed it at the girl. 
She was terrified.
She turned and with one movement she jumped out the window.
She landed in the bushes, the husband leaned out of the window.
She stayed hidden until he left.
After he went back inside, she ran.
She ran with wings on her feet.
She may have been a street rat, but, she knew where the police station was. 
She burst threw the door.
She told them everything.
About the woman's kindness.
About the Husband's beatings.
The police set out.
And, even after this, she had no home.
She became Frostbitten.
She met the one.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Last night i drew a picture of a girl slitting her throat.
My friend asked to see it, so, i showed it to her.
She got all weird.
'That's gross! why did you draw that!?'
She didn't get it.
She didn't see the necklace.
It said 'love' and it was cracked.
The blood was dripping onto it.
'It's not that bad!' I told her.
'Yes it is! Look at what you drew!' she complained.
I know what i drew.
I also know WHY i drew it.
Some people don't get it....


The young girl pulled out the steak knife.
Raised it up to her neck.
The cold metal touched her neck.
As she pressed it in, sticky blood rolled down.
'I'm useless....'
Hated. Unloved. All she ever wanted was to be held.
For some one to tell her she was loved.
But, all she got, was the heart break.
She screamed out her feelings, but, they mocked her.
She was crestfallen. 
'Why...Why am i not loved?'
She asked, pressing the knife in farther.
The blood ran down her chest and her hand.
She took the final blow.
The night, no one found her.
Because she had no one.
She killed herself.
WE killed her.
WE mocked her.
If only we could stop laughing...
If only we could get over our selfs, and help all those lonely people.
Why are we so full of our selfs?
Why does peer-pressure prevent us from saving lifes?
Those people reach out.
They reach out to US!
All we can do is laugh.
Because they are 'gay' or 'emo' or 'hipster'
The Gays need our help to show them God's love!
The Emos need us to show them they are loved!
The Hipsters need us to show them how to love the world, not hate it!
I had a friend.
He said no one loved him.
I kept telling he was loved.
He never believed me.
my uncle killed himself in front of his girlfriend's house.  
Because he felt unloved.
WE kill them.
By our harsh words!
They WERE proud of who they were.
Now, they are dead.
By our laughing.
Posting horrible comments like 'go kill yourself, emo' and 'go have gay sex, fa**ot'
My mission is to reach out to all these people.
To show everyone they need help.
To show people they kill the emos and gays...
They are burning.
They are going to die!
Why do you laugh at some one dying!?
Live is only for so long, and what comes after?
Nothing will be alright until we help those people of the world.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

This is a really dark poem, so, if you can't stand sadness and gore i suggest not reading it.

Again. This is an extremely dark poem. If you can't take, it leave. I understand.

I watched the fire burned.
The small ones cried.
The girls, away they turned
The lady on the pike in the middle of the fire.
She screamed.
'Witch hunt, witch hunt, burn this girl,'
The crowd chanted.
I stood at the edge of the crowd.
The lady on the pike.
Her hair was long and black.
Her dress was dark red with her blood, and the fire burned the bottom of it.
A tear slipped from my eye and i clenched the book i was holding.
She started to cry and scream.
Why was everyone gathered?
Why did they watch her pain?
Even the kids didn't want to watch but... they did anyways. 
Her hair started to catch fire.
I watched, opened eyed.
She yelled, her pain was so...real.
They yelled at her. 
Their words so harsh...
She wasn't the real witch.
Only one.
And i knew.
I turned before the fire could reach her face.
And started to walk towards the grave yard.
'There's a carnival tonight... in the grave yard...' i quoted.
I headed up the shack onto of the hill in the grave yard.
I opened the door and set down the book on my table.
i sat in the corner of the room, my knees up next to my chin.
'I know who did it~' 
Said a voice.
The sounds of dripping came from the across the room.
I lifted my head to see the witch hanging from the ceiling.
Her skin was pealing away.
Blood dripped from her head.
'I know who did it~' she chanted, curling down from the ceiling like a snake.
I stared at her.
'I know~'
She slithered over towards me.
We were face to face.
'...You did~'
She opened her mouth.
Ate my black heart.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Oh. My. Freaking. Gawd...

((Warning, lots of swearing))
This. this broke my heart. I agreed one hundred percent with this girl, looks at the comments below.
They say such harsh things. Such mean, heartless, hurtful words...
Why don't people listen?
Why can't they open up their minds?
After seeing this, i wanted to cry...
Ohmigawd, i wanted to ball.
She was standing up for herself, and look at what she got?
She was laughed at.
I think we need to change.
Open up our hearts and hear the cries of lost souls?
Such people need the kindness of our hearts to change, not to be laughed at!
They want love, and look at what we give them.
Only more heart ache...

My curse.

I have curse.
I don't know where it came from, or when i got it.
I don't know why or how i should use it.
But, i know it is here. I know i need it for something...
My curse is my ability not to cry.
Something in my life stopped.
I cried so much, then, in one moment of my life...
I completely stopped.
Maybe my ability to act 'okay' is another curse.
Telling myself 'No. No, i won't cry...' as my finger nails pierce into palm, making a bloody fist.
i throw my arm out and smash it into the wall.
'Why...w-why can't i...' i ask my self so frustratedly. 
I want to at least cry a little, but, i can't.
I NEED to...
At first i thought it was alright.
I felt like i was 'okay'.
But, i was just lying to myself.
Why does my curse have to be so painful?
Not crying...
Why is it so bad?
I feel like a bottle full of fizzy emotions.
And the world is shaking me up.
Why can't i blow...
Why can't i let the world see me for...Me?
Why are emotions so... hard to let go of?
Why is life so hard to get used to?
Now, instead of crying tears. 
I cry blood.
My blood spills onto the flood.
It hurts...but, now everything will be better.

Update on Fight 2

Everything is fine now.
She called me up and we talked.
We told each other what we were offended by.
We both learned not to judge each other.
We learned we are both 'friend hogs'
We both love each SOOOOO much we don't each other to have any other friends but us xD
Funny how things work ^^

Update on Fight.

Alright, so i went over to my other best friends house Mia-chan.
I told her about the fight, and she told me many helpful things, she is always so nice and helpful. ^^
We hung out for the day and then they dropped me off back at my house at around 5:40-ish.
I ate dinner alone and washed the dishes. I thought a lot about what she had said.
At 6:30 we left for youth group, there, a lot of things hit me. Like... A LOT!
I think i heard a lot of things i needed to hear. The whole time i thought about my friend i'm having the fight with.
Now, i have a few bible verses to use.
All about Honesty.
Being Honest with your self.
Being honest with the world.
Being honest with God.
I know, we ALL tend to do this. And if you deny it, your not being honest. See, there are so many people in the world, and you are just one person. Just one simple person, and you think 'how special can i be?' so we make out problem seem so big and horrible so people will worry about us. We get all the attention we want. But, we lie to our selfs in our minds that we start to believe our lies. And then once some one comes along and says 'Oh, come on, it's not that big of a deal' we get angry. Your lies become you. That's how this whole thing got started. I said 'oh come on, it's not that bad!People in another country are being whipped' and she got pissy with me, i didn't fight back. I actually didn't talk to her, i wrote in my blog saying that she was annoying me a little, just by the way she talks to me and things like that. I said i would leave her alone, calm down, and everything would be better. She comes back, and freaking 'punches me in the face' ((metaphorically speaking)). She doesn't know when to stop, then she starts coming at me with mean comments. I wanted to leave her ALONE. She has been egging me on for a fight, which i'm not gonna give her.
Later after youth group, i talked to my youth leader.
 He said that sometimes God just brings friendships for a season, just to teach us something.
Maybe this is the way it's gonna be, maybe this wasn't meant to last. Either way this is taken, i'll live my life.
If this is what God wants to happen, let it be done.

~Happy-Emo-Bunnies <33

Saturday, February 19, 2011

My best friend...

...Has been picking on me...
For one thing, she isn't making any sense.
I don't think she knows what she is talking about.
But, i will be the big man, and not get into a fight.
I seriously need a break. *sighs*
But, i know i need to just stay away from her, calm down, and once she leaves for 'normal' high school, everything will be fine ^^
Just have to wait it out.
The funny/ironic thing is that, she says all these mean things and then says 'i still love you' *laughs*
Honestly, she isn't making any sense, but, one day everything will be fine, i'll let God take care of this.
I probably shouldn't even be writing this blog, because i KNOW she'll look at this. Leave a nasty comment, and be on her way. But, i don't care. This is just a way to release my feelings so i can go on with my day! xD
So, i'll leave her alone for a while. And everything will work out, and if it doesn't, i'll learn to live *shrugs*
See ya guys later~


Friday, February 18, 2011


Oh, my, freaking, gosh! xO
My best friend is annoy the *FO SHIZZLE* out of me....
Honestly, i really need to get away from her.
Yup, you know who you are >:O
She has been making a GIANT  deal out of everything.
People who make them selfs seem more important that others pisses me off.
I don't know how i could stand it for this long!
We've been friends for years, guess it's time to move on.
But, we always sit at the same table.
But, she calls it 'her' table.
I really need to get a life...
She makes her life sound so hard, but, she's making a bigger deal than it needs to be.
Should i leave like i should have done in the beginning (I was always a third wheel) or should i stay with her?
I'm leaning towards the first option. Just spare the pain, and also i won't burst out and try to kill her. ((NOT LITERALLY!))
And i have better friends.
Better friends who don't mind my way of talking, friends that don't care about my clothes.
Friends that don't lie to me, friends that don't hurt me, friends that listen.
That's right, i'm talking to you Rose-chan, Mia-chan and Aly-chan!
I love you guys <33
I already moved off of my old old best friend. We just stopped talking, we never have classes together.
Anyways, my best friend who pisses me off is leaving next year anyways. It doesn't really matter.
I know i sound harsh, but, really, she treats me like CRAP!
Tries to tell me how wrong i am! I mean, come on! Anyways, it's best to move on now then later once everything has gotten worse, and we both hate each other. Right now it's just one sided hate ^^
See ya guys~

~Happy-Emo-Bunnies <3 </3

Theme Songs For My Life:

For My First Heart Break:
Lonely Period:   
For 'Too Much' Boy:
Lack of confidence period:
Wanting to save 'Too Much' Boy's life:
When i was younger:

Well, i think i've wasted enough time of your life! Enjoy these songs~<33

~Happy-Emo-Bunnies <3 </3

I Attract...

...the weirdest people! :O
Seriously guys! Maybe it's because i listen, i don't know but, ALL THE WEIRDIES FLOCK TO ME!
I also SUCK at picking friends xD
Almost funny in a way, I'm pretty popular, but, i don't brag.
I actually kinda don't like it.
This one girl who was my friend, the only time she talked to me was when she wanted something from me, one day i was telling one of my weirder guy friends about her, just releasing my anger, just telling him how she was rude and stuff. LATER THAT DAY HE WALKS UP TO HER AND TELLS HER THAT I DON'T LIKE HER.
She asks me '*insert weird guy friend's name here* Says you think i'm rude and mean. Is this true?'
i kinda stand there stunned and trying to figure a way out of this. Then i simply decide to go honestly, but, tell her kindly.
"Oh, kinda are... B-BUT! It's all in the eye of the beholder kinda thing..." i stuttered trying to make her feel a little better. I turned to my best friend and grabbed her hand and ran to the bathroom. I started freaking out in the bathroom. Later that day we pasted each other in the hall, she looked sad. But, i mean come on! Later i told my mom and she pointed out something, SHE DIDN'T EVEN SAY SHE WAS SORRY! >:O
I make the oddest friends xD
But, i make really amazing ones too ^^
Best of both worlds huh?
Oh, update on my blog SECRETS.
Yeah... Things have gotten  awkward between the two us, but, it's slowly getting better ^^

Thursday, February 17, 2011

To a certain some one...

If only.
If only, If only.
If i could change the clock, and turn back time, i know where i'd be.
I would be at the last day of school again.
I would be walking up to you and asking for you to come out side with me.
We'd sit down on the bench out side of our school, and i would just talk.
Just say mindless random things, until i could spill out the truth.
If i could see you again now, i would thank you.
I would say thank you, and smile brightly.
I would shine my light on you in your eternal darkness.
I would say one thing.
A simple sentence. 
It would burn into your heart, and you would remember me forever.
Remember that one time?
At school?
I said sorry for the fake love letter me and my friends sent. 
You said something. 
You said 'Thank you for loving me,'
I thought you meant that is what i said and you misheard me.
I realize what you meant.
Thinking about that makes me cry.
I wish i could turn back the time.
So you may see me for who i have become because of you.
This is my thank you.
I'll be moving on now.
For two years i have been still loving you.
Thinking about everything you said.
The way you looked.
Your beautiful eyes.
I still love you.
A part of me is still waiting for you.
But, the rest of me...
we will be moving on.
I love you.
But, this is the end.
I know i can never turn back the clock to find you again. 
I know.
I usually just dream about this, but, dreaming just hurts more and more.
I'll stop living in my dreams and i will move on.
I'm letting go.
Bai Bai~
-Amelia (AKA Mimi) Hansen.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Why do you yell so loudly?
Who are you?
Who am I to you?
Will you stop yelling?
Why did you bring that up?
How do you know?
How will you make this better?
Why Do you hurt me?
Will you please stop touching me?
Stop slapping me around!
Leave me alone!
Why did you say that?
Why are you pulling on my heart strings?
Why Do You Keep Yelling?
Please...Please stop...

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dear Mother and Father.

Oh, how you yell.
all i want was to tell you how i feel but, the never works, huh?
When all i want is for you to say 'i understand' and 'it gonna be alright'.
But, no, that's not how it works, huh?
i wish you could understand a little, understand the questions i ask you.
You don't get it.
You changed this into something different.Something else.
i wanted to release my feelings but, it always ends up getting me into the mess.
Do you understand? Do you see?
I wanted to say what was wrong but, i end up being yelled at.
This is why i never tell you anything, i ask you 'so i can say exactly how i feel?' you start yelling again.
Saying how 'i never do anyways so it doesn't matter,' and 'you just keep lying'
Yes.I lied. Because everything will be better. You don't play fair.
You come up the stairs and knock on my door, and then start crying.
Saying 'i'm so sorry' and 'i'm so bad at my job'.
Now you are making me cry. Thanks a lot, 'Mommy' and 'Daddy'
You blame me and my 'teenager-ness'
I want something, what it is, i do not know.
But, i want it so badly. And i will find it one day.
But, if i let go of this rock of a heart, i will fall into a sea of emotions and tears.

I will never tell you how i feel. I won't let my emotions take over.

You're not my best friend anymore.
You're just a friend.
And soon, you won't even be that.
Stop holding on, let go so i can leave.

Monday, February 14, 2011

The Poison.

Again xD I was writing a story called 'Blue Rose' for a while, i'm having writers block, i can't think what should happen next >.> So, i started to write 'The Poison.' and it's really easy to write about that. It's my view on MY life. \(^o^)/ I started with the worst thing that happened to me when i was about 11 years old. The day i lost all my innocence on my view of the world. I started with when i found out that this one man i loved so much, was gay. I know, I know, i wrote about this before but, whatever xD I'm almost over it ((not)). I just wish i could see him ONE more time and say something that will make an impression on his sinful life. I just want to tell you guys about what i liked this man, For one thing, he was nice to EVERYONE. To people he didn't know, to people he did know, he had a heart of gold. He was a little tease too, he laughed and joked with everyone like there was no tomorrow. I watched this from my distance. We weren't friends but, we hugged once. I made the most of that situation. I thought he was just a normal guy, but, now that i think about it, he was a little girly, i got along better with girls anyways. He was tall and had beautiful eyes. To me, eyes are important because i don't look at people's faces or hair, shoes or clothing, i look into their eyes, to show that i see them, i'm talking to THEM. No one else. I loved him so, i talked to him  couple of times, but, every time my heart raced so fast, like the speed of light...
Anyways, if you ever see my book 'Blue Roses' or 'The Poison'  by Amelia Hansen pick it up kay~? ;3

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Update 1 (part two): Boys...O.e

Woke up earlier than them, so i could get dressed and stuff...
It's about 7:57 AM now.
Oh, they are awake now...
He just gave me a creepy stare... O.e

Friday, February 11, 2011

Update 1: Boys... O.e

My brother's friend was...'hitting' on me earlier.
A little creeped out now >.>
Ugh, men... *shakes head*
I'm never sleeping again O.O
Update you in the morning~<3
((It's 9:03 PM now BTW))

You have no alibi.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The worst annoyance in the world - CHILDREN

Kids are evil.
Especially when they kick your seat in the movie theaters >.>
i was at swan lake the ballet and this little boy behind me started to kick my chair.
He wouldn't stop either. I asked him to stop kindly.
An odd thing is that, IT'S ALWAYS THE BOYS.
I'm not sexist of anything, but, the girls never do it. 
((Sorry guys xD))
But, little girls can be bad too.
I was helping this little girl with her crafts, and she told me to do one too, so i did.
I live with a crafty family so, i was used to using glue and making it look all nice and neat.
She got mad because mine was prettier...
So she spilled her juice on it...
Yeah. So! Moral of this blog post is KIDS ARE EVIL.
But, we all were one once.

((Dedicated to my Best Friend EVER Rosalie))


I'm keeping a secret for my best friend, but, it's killing me... I want to tell some one. I need addvice! But, i can't tell anyone or ask someone how to help my dear friend... she is mixed up in some bad stuff and i have no clue how to get her out of it. She told me ((Actually i found out on my own)) she told not to tell anyone... i want to help her
I have no clue what to do about it...
I have no one i can tell...
But, i need to help her...
I'm so confused on what i should do!
I cannot tell my parents. I will NOT tell them...
But, who else is there?
I guess i could maybe tell some one at church who doesn't know her.. but... I don't know.
This is really hard.
She is my best friend.
I love her.
I made a promise.
I know what the reasonable answer is, as i would say, and 'sunday school answer'.
The church answer is to tell my parents.
But, i don't really trust them to make good choices...
If you guys know of another way to handle this, i would totally LOVE to hear it!
Thanks for listening/reading

~Happy-Emo-Bunnies <3 </3

Right back at cha baby

Respect the little girls!
Get respect, little girls!
 Respect me, little girls!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I'm shick >.>

Oh, gawd why!?
I'm getting a head cold >.>
I'm gonna die. I'm freezing cold and my throat hurts. My nose is a little runny too >3<
I hate being sick. The worst part is my throat, it hurts, and milk coats the inside quite well, BUT IT MAKES THE SNOT THICKER ;3;
There is no escaping it...

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


The street lights were dim as i walked down the side walk, the car lights were the only things lighting my way as i walked to the store. I could see the neon lights of the food displays in front of me. I came to the window, i looked in and could see the fresh-looking donuts from this morning. I was enchanted by their delectable look. I shook my head telling myself that that's not what i had come here for. I opened the door as a small bell ringed, i headed to the back of the store to the frozen foods section. I opened the freezer door that was covered in frost and reached in as the cold air absorbed my hand. I grabbed a gallon of milk and a diet coke for myself. I walked up to the front of the store and i put my groceries  on the desk, expecting someone to pop up from behind the desk and check me out so i could leave and get back in home in time to finish up my studying. I waited a moment, then called out "Hello~? Anyone here?" I wondering if maybe they forgot to lock up.'no that can't be it, why would the lights still be on then?' i thought. I looked around, leaned over the table to see if anyone was, for some odd reason, sitting down there. No one. I went around the counter, and then looked at the door leading into the back room, "Should i?" I asked myself out loud, "...Nah," i decided to just leave it. I picked up the milk and put it back, along with my coke. Being the good citizen i was, i turned off the lights, flipped the sign to make it say that the store was closed, and i left. Feeling proud of myself and the 'good' dead i had done. I headed for home, suddenly i noticed that no one was around.No cars driving, no sound from young adults having 'fun', nothing! I looked around, the street lights started to flicker. "This is freaky," I muttered to myself as a cold wind blew, sending shivers down my spine. I felt eyes watching me, i spun around to see a man. About the age of 17. Tall, thin, one of those emo guys who wear all black and look like they've never seen the sun. I thought rushed to my head. "H-hello?" I said walking towards him, "W-who are you?" I asked about a couple yards away from him,he was looking at the ground, "You know..." He said speaking up in a deep, shallow voice, "You shouldn't go outside alone," He said taking a step closer, I took a step back. "W-why is that?" He started to walked forward. I wanted to keep my distance from him, so i moved back faster than he was moving forwards. "Because..." suddenly, me and him were face to face. Almost lip to lip, "There is such a thing as a vampire," I could see into his eyes. They were a deep red. At moments like this, a million things go through your head, ways to get out of this. And then, you decide on the stupidest one. Mine was running away. i turned quickly and started to run, the fear of dieing weighed my legs down. I started to trip over my own feet. The only thing i could think of was escaping.  I couldn't hear his foot steps. All i could hear was my tennis shoes hitting the cement and my heart beating like the speed of light.
I wanted to see if he was right behind me, but, i knew from the movies never to look back. That would cause you to fall and that would be the end of you. Suddenly, he was right next to me. I let out a little scream. More thoughts rushed to my head, i was still running, I saw an ally ahead and did the stupidest thing i could have done. I ran into it. Think that there must be a door to escape to. Some where to hide. But, just as my luck would have had it, there was none. I was stuck, cornered like a lab rat. And the poison sat right in front of me. He slowed down and walked in, "See? i told you..." He muttered, his hair hanging in his face, the shadows surrounding him. The wind blew around us, i noticed something right there and then. His feet weren't touching the ground.
"Now, the vampire is going to suck your blood, Hun," He said lifting his head with a laugh.His red eyes glowed in the darkness.
"Hun?" I asked confused, 'why did he call me Hun?' i thought to myself.
He came face to face to me, his face looked scared. His eyes were wide, the red of his eyes shimmered. He slowly opened his mouth to reveal sharp, long, vampire teeth. My eyes opened wide. My heart stopped. I sunk low in my chest. I had no where to go. His mouth came closer to my face. And at the moment a thought ran into my head. "No way..." I said out loud. In a few short seconds a theory came into my head. And it all made sense.
His eyes were cold, as if he was being controlled. Suddenly, a tear slipped from his eye. He looked like he was in such pain. His mouth was now so close to my neck that i could feel his cold breath.
"C-CJ?" I asked as i looked at his neck.
His face stopped moving closer to my neck. He backed up and looked straight into my eyes, i started to cry. I reached out and jumped into his arms. "h-how?" He said looking at the sky. Our tears started to fall to the ground. I held his so tightly, as if, if i were to let go, he would disappear again. Suddenly, the cars came back, the noises of adults having fun late at night filled the air. The street lights stopped flickering. I pulled back, and looked at CJ. The darkness around him fell off like paint chipping off of an old house. I could see his beautiful eyes, his soft brown hair, he felt warm. I closed my eyes, i could see his heart, it was glowing, it was breaking through the darkness.  I smiled through our tears. That night, i walked home, hand in hand with my first love.

Monday, February 7, 2011


I joke around with everyone. i got 'married' to my best friend. I call her 'wifie' now. I told my other friend that, she got all weird. Honestly? Why get all weird? We are just kidding! We aren't actually married or anything.
Come on guys, why so serious?
Some people are just too serious. I'm gonna go mad with all their seriousness! xD
And the weird thing about it, is that my other best friend A-chan got 'married' to her best friend ((Actually, i stole the idea from her ^^;; ))
So why do they get all weird at me? Maybe it's because i'm a lolita... i dunno xD
But, i find it kinda funny! I mean, honestly, it's fun to mess with people sometimes ^^
((Sorry, that makes me sounds like a horrible person, but, it's fun to tease them!))

~Happy-Emo-Bunnies <33


I told my mother something about me, she twisted my words into her little lies. I told her that i suck up to everyone. She translated that into that i lie about everything.
'You should be completely honest, but, some people you can't be honest with. You'll learn that it will hurt you,'
So i asked her, 'so i should tell you exactly how i feel when you are giving a lecture?'
'Only if you aren't interrupting or being disrespectful.'
'What if what i have to say IS disrespectful?'
'Then you may want to think about it. So keep you mouth shut.'
Honest? is that really what you want me to be mother-o-dearest?
If I'm completely honest, only trouble will come my way.
I only want people's happiness, so, i won't bug anyone. 
I'll sacrifice my world for you.
I'll kill my heart for you.
If my feelings will cause me and you pain then, forget it.
'Never mind.'
'It was nothing.'
'Forget about it.'
Those are my most common answers.

The only one to here me is my red teddy bear, stained with my worst fears.

What Have You Done Now?

You Have Poisoned Me, You Broke Me Into Pieces.

The Question Is Why?

Why Did You Do That?

I Was Waiting For Someone Like You, But, Look What You've Done.

I Wanted To Help You.

You've Become My Enemy.

There Is No Way To Fix This.


~Happy-Emo-Bunnies </3

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Blood

I felt the warm, sticky blood roll down my face and curve towards my lips. I could taste the salt in my blood...
'This isn't over.' i said as i turned and started to walk away. The blood dripped onto my perfectly white dress as i left the corpses.


Secrets can either make a friend, or break one.


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I RAN i TRIPPED and i FELL into this dark HOLE.
I must now CLIMB back up to the TOP to start again.
But. From THIS i've become STRONGER.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


'DANCE with all your FOOLISHNESS.
Stop concentrating on the MEANING and have FUN
 Come ON and join ME for a little DANCE
LIFE is full of mysteries , but, for now we can STOP worrying.'

'YES. Let's join in the joy and have a little fun.
WHY not enjoy our LIFES to the FULLEST?'
GAS said agreeing. 

'Come ON,' I said joining them, 'LET'S go!' I grabbed their hands and ran to the dance floor.