V~*Click me for a surpise! :D Hehe!*~V

V~*Click me for a surpise! :D Hehe!*~V
Come in, come in children! Enjoy this demented, deranged show! Hehe!

Friday, July 29, 2011


Today i was going through my old drawing books, and i came across something i fondly remember. It shows how long i've been doing this.
It was a picture of a lady in a wedding dress, holding, what appears to be dead flowers.
And underneath this picture was a poem like saying.
And here it is, i present to you, 'The Moon Walk Lady' By 11 year old Amelia. (Before the Loveless came):

'She walks by day, she walks by night
Her skin pale as the moon. She appears by the sorrow that owns her.
The owls call out "Twa-oo, Twa-oo, Come to us Fare Lady...'
She declines. Her face a glow.
She awaits her beau.
She is the moon walk lady'

...Yeah, i think i was better at this when i was nine...
Sad, huh? ^^;;

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Goodbye Mister Dispair.

This post is for a guy named Tristan R.
I hope your listening...
I am still thinking of you.
Anyways, here it is. I call this one, 'Almost a tragedy'
I made so many promises, but, i couldn't hold true to them.
I cried for days, i have become so scared of you, and what you might do to.
Life has so many complications, maybe you were just one of the few that makes everything alright?
Something better this way comes.
I feel like i'm drowning in sorrow, for i don't know what i can do.
Patience wasn't something that you owned, now was it?
I had a dream last night,
It involved you and me..
We weren't very happy.
And in the end, you left because of me.
And i wasn't very happy with the way things turned out for me.
You got off without a hook, and i had to see you so sad.
You knew my worst fears, and used them against me.
I will never trust another man like you again, dear sir.
You wear a mask of fake love, deceit, and lies.
Ans yet, i love you as much as a shattered girl can...
I wish you all the best and i hope you have live on.
I am like a glass and i break easily.
But you can never fix me back to the way i was. Without these memories...
I had another dream last night.
You came back.
But you were just an empty soulless shell.
Except when i wasn't around, you had so much life.
I hate being the reason behind your pain.
But i don't know what to do...Anymore at least.
I still cry at times.
I write these words for you, and for no one else.
These are the things i can't say in person. For fear of what will happen.
I am dying here.
Because you won't listen.
And i can't open my mouth.
Hate and love are two undefinable feelings.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Who are you to be living?
YOU are just a blemish on the worlds complexion!
You should be gone now!
But, why? Why are you still here?
A long time ago, you said you were useless, you were stupid, and the world had no need for you.
You talked big, but, i guess that's all you were.
I don't even ask anymore.
'i have no need for your pity'
Wanna die?
Go ahead.
If you want to, i'm not stopping you anymore.
I could care less.
But, if you aren't, live with all your might!
Most people would see it as your depressed.
And act like it's okay.
You wanna die? GO AHEAD.
No one will notice, the only way to show people is to survive.
'I don't belong here'
Wanna die? Go ahead.
If not, live with all your might!
Live, die?
I'm leaving now.
It's up to you.


Friday, July 22, 2011


I had a weird dream last night.
It was about a boy and a girl, and how every time the boy said something mean, or lied about something, someone or something would slowly turn to charcoal. I was in the dream too. Me and him were fighting about how he was suppose to be a good person, and he wasn't. And then suddenly, we were in a museum. It was of everything and everyone he slandered and killed. One thing stood out for me, i walked over and looked in this glass shelf, there was a lizard and it's child.Totally black,and crumbling away slowly... This hurt to see them in o much pain. He walked over and started to talk badly of the lizards, they cried out in pain as the crumbled away to nothing.
This man was killing things just by being mean. I tried to talk to him, i even tried yelling at him, i tried everything to get him to stop it...But nothing was working. Eventually i woke up, and got out of bed, And came over to my computer to write this. I believe there is a valuable lesson to be learned here. Talking badly about people hurts, and may even kill them...
So next time you want to be mean and call someone/something stupid, remember the charcoal story.
~Amelia Loveless.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

CUT CUT CUT! RAWWWWWRRRR >;D And a 'Shot gun' wedding (Not what you think)

C-c-c-c-cut my hair xD Can i get a woot?
Alright guys, here is a story, sorry this has taken sooooo long Dx I'm just a lazy butt =.=;;

The music played softly, like a whisper in the wind.
Her heels quietly clicked, she walked towards the man she hated the most.
His hand held her's, They both were dressed in the darkest clothes possible.
They both closed there eyes and wished it would all stop. But, they had different reasons for this wish.
She wanted to run, he wanted to stay still.
'Do you take this woman as your new wife?'
'I do'
'Do you take this man as your husband?'
She paused.
Opened her eyes and looked around.
All she could see was the man in the back of this chapel.
He stood there, glaring.
She never noticed the tears or the smiles that the rest of viewers had.
'...I do...' she mumble.
'You may now kiss the bride'
He came close, she wanted to stab him with the knife she had hidden inside her bouquet. But she kept it hidden.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Sunday, July 17, 2011

R.I.P. Amelia Loveless.

Hello, this is Mimi's (AKA Amelia Loveless) father speaking/writing this.
Amelia died 7/17/97 from a allergic reaction to a bee.
She was stung by a bee, and suddenly, she had a hard time breathing, we called 911. But, we live far back so they had a hard time. When they arrive, it was too late. I am sorry to inform you of this...
Oh, my little fiends, how foolish you are! I haven't died, i almost did. Well, not really. I was 'close' to getting rabies though!
So, here's how it went down:
I have three cats, Trinket, Broba, and Jeorge. (Oh, by the way, all these cats are girls. Can you tell which one i named?)
I was sitting in side, listening to Pandora on my family's Roku. And i see Broba holding a, from what i can see, a pack rat. I live near a forest/swamp area. Suddenly, it twitched! I got excited, think that maybe i could do some nice for the poor animal. Now, before i go on, i want to tell you something. I have saved cats (three actually), snakes, birds, and moles. So i thought this small, cute animal would be no different, I pick up the small scared animal, put it deep in the forest, and save a life. That's not how it happened. I chased after Broba, yelling 'DROP IT!' and 'PUT IT DOWN!'. Broba dropped it a few times, but picked it right back up. I grabbed Broba, and took the rat out of Broba's mouth. The rat bite deep down into my right hand, index/'pointer' finger. It hurt, but i didn't care, i've been through worse. I tried to take the rat off my hand, but he held on tight. I didn't shake, i took his mouth, pinched it, and took his long teeth out of my hand. I dropped him, and pushed Broba away. Sadly, My dear Trinket took the animal away... My hand was bleeding too much, so i gave up the fight. I guess that's just the way nature works...
 I walked inside and began to cleanse the wound. My dad yelled and lectured. Funny how parents yell when you get hurt, i mean, IT AIN'T HELPIN' MAN! Anyways, my dad called 911, thinking i am have gotten rabies. A while back my Sunday school teacher said that it you get rabies, you have to get 50 shots. In the stomach. Long needles. Painful. I started crying. For one thing, this had been an awful day, it was last day i saw my best friend before she moved away to another state, AND THEN I GET BIT TRYING TO DO THE 'RIGHT THING'! And it hurt, like a lot. Still kinda does... Maybe that's because i'm stupid and keep poking it... Geez. Even after all this, i don't blame the rat, it didn't know i was trying to save it. Anyways, we went to the doctors, entertained the nurse by telling my story, got medicine just in case, got a soda, and returned home. Over all, this whole thing took three hours. Oh well, at least i have a story to tell!
Love you, my fiends!

~Amelia Loveless </3

Friday, July 15, 2011

Barbie? Is-No, WAS that you?

Yes. Yes i DID own barbies, just like any other young girl. But once i 'this' (if there is anyway to describe this..)I decide to go a little crazy and modify them.
Do you guys know what a 'Chelsea smile' is? Well, it's this:
See her lips? Yup, that scar? That's a Chelsea smile. I am slightly obsessed with the rag doll look as you can probably tell. So this is what i did to my barbie dolls.

I think these are good displays of how i feel. The scars down there back symbolize back stabbing.
Here are so close ups, click them to make 'em bigger:


Miss Lucy:
Lovely aren't they? My little fiends <3
~Amelia Loveless</3

My birthday is July 30th, but, since my best friend is moving the 21st i decide to spend it earlier with her. And so here is that cake :D

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pet names?

Hello my little Fiends! :D I think that's what i'm going to call you guys ^^ My little fiends! I thought it was a cute pet name for my followers...Though i may be getting a head of myself
What do you think?

Humple yourself and listen up fellow bunnies. Listen to this:

Amelia's Lovely Nightmare.

The men are boarding.
The ship is leaving.
The crowd is laughing.
The wifes are crying.
The children are running.
The birds are singing.
The clouds are raining.
The people are leaving.
The widows regretting.
The sailors are bleeding.
The dead are hanging.
The last noose swinging.
 Love never lasting...

~Amelia LoveLess </3

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Blog blog blog Dx BLAH!

OMFCSIMESC! (Oh My Fudge Covered Strawberries I My Epic Sugary Cereal) MY TEEF HURTH!
And i can't feel my lips D: I went the dentist to get some fillings, and then numbed my cheeks and my tongue... AND MY LIPS D:< I CAN'T TASTE A THING! GAAAAHH! Dx And now that my cheeks aren't numb, MY TEETH HURT LIKE JUSTIN BEIBER HAVING A GROWTH SPURT AND BECOMING A REAL MAN Dx And as you can probably tell, i'm a little high o.O;; I started giggling in the dentist, and i could stop Dx I don't really know why either...It hurt when they were drilling into my teeth Dx A lot of FML moments today. BUT! A huuuggeee! MAJOR. SUPER GIGANTIC HIGHLIGHT OF THE DAY! Look at my shirt >:D 

Oh yeaahhhh! >:D So happy about my Gir shirt >u< I got it half off too!
U jelly?
xD I really need to stop spending my time on Rage Comics >.>

Poem much? HA HA NO! NOT TODAY! Well, maybe a little preview...
Inspiration can't be found, I'm bored all day, feeling useless and unwanted, wishing for a door to open to a new world, so i can find something useful to do. 

So, that's the beginning to a song ^^; Not the best, but, hey *shrugs*
~Amelia Loveless</3

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Tomorrow is my little tea party with Amelia M. <3
Yay :3

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Creepy Pasta?

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


My top five weaknesses, five things that make me sad or angry:
1) Calling me a freak.
2) Telling me no one loves me.
3) Telling me that i am nothing, and that i am useless.
4) Hurting some one else.
5) Making an absurd remark about a group of people.

How to break a heart:

Monday, July 4, 2011


The hard, shallow sound of a slap echoed through the room.
But the only thing she could hear was his voice screaming.
The kicks, the punches, the bruises, the bite marks.
In her head she repeated to herself  'this doesn't hurt, this isn't painful, he loves me,'
He picked up, and through the lamp. Breaking the the broken.
A black eye, a broken arm, twisted ankles.
The list of things she has put up with goes on and on.
She covers up her wounds in the mirror.
Nothing more she can do.
She can't leave him for she believes she loves him.
He won't stop.
She can't protect herself.
She had nothing, she is left nothing...
What can she do?
(Comment with an answer to this question, please? This poem/story/thingy is for my mother, her first husband beat her. But now we have my loving dad to protect us and to be there. Thanks ^^)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Just wanted to share this xD

I'm starting a tag! :D

This tag i have made up is for those who feel teased and mocked, and something to remind us that we are perfect. I tag Space-Out-Autumn, Spaztastic, And The Life Of The Lonely
So here's the tag, it's simple. Remember to pass this on too!
Name: Amelia LoveLess
4 things that you aren't:
1) I'm not a freak.
2) I'm not creepy
3) I'm not scary
4) I'm not gay
12 things that you ARE and that you are proud to be:
1) Christian
9)Harajuku lover
10) Lolita
12)Not like you

6 things that you want:
1) I want to feel loved.
2) I want to save lives
3) I want you to see me
4) I want him to remember me
5) I want to help
6) I want to see you
1 childish thing you still do:
1) Wish on stars.. (yeah =.=;)
2 people you miss:
1) Him
Where do you fit in in the world?
No where, and that's why i love it here <3

Anyone can do this tag, and i'd love it if you did ^^ And please give credit to the creator <3 Oh, and if you do do this (haha 'dodo' xD) leave me a link?