V~*Click me for a surpise! :D Hehe!*~V

V~*Click me for a surpise! :D Hehe!*~V
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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Beauty of Friendship.

I have some wonderful friends in my life, and some... not so wonderful friends, but, never-the-less, they are my wonderful friends. I love them all the same, after my obesity my new best friend told me i was beautiful and kind. She made me so much better. She is just a lovely person, thank you so much. I have cried in front one of my best friends twice. I never want to do that again, i hate people seeing me sad. One of my bad qualities is lying. Not about bad things, about my feelings. I want to be stronger so, i tell people I'm okay and i don't need help. But, really i want a shoulder, just a simple shoulder to cry on. I want to be understood, and yet... i don't want people knowing everything about me. I guess I'm just a tad confusing, but, i like messing with people's heads (in a good way). But, this post isn't about me, this post is about my friends. My friends. My wonderful kind friends who care. Sometimes i feel like they don't, other times i want to punch them, most of the time i want to hug them though. My friend Al-chan (Not her real name) always makes me feel batter when I'm said, she can make me laugh easily. Well, actually it's more like i make her laugh and seeing her happy makes me happier. My friend Ro-chan always makes me laugh, and we can talk about everything because we are so alike. My friend others friends just make me smile. I met this one guy Shinko-kun, he is always depressed and sad, i try to do my best to make me smile and laugh. It's hard but, i believe in the end of this relationship with him everything will work out. I want to show him God and turn him into the light so he may bask in it. I love them all, i think friends are a lot like stars, i may not see them all the time, but, i know they are there (it's a quote from a book I'm reading by the way). They are so beautiful, they are my roses in my rose garden, and i intend to keep them safe and watch over them with motherly care. When they are sick and sad, i will be the one to cheer them up. When ever i see them and I'm sad, there beauty cheers me up. So i will repay the favor and be there for them as well. I will hold them and be their shoulder, their crutch, their hand to hold. Even if i have no where to go, no hand to hold, no crutch  to help me along, no shoulder, even if i lose everything, I will be here for you. For everyone. I want to be there for the world. I want to make everyone smile.

I love you my beautiful roses
~Happy-Emo-Bunnies <3


Isabelle said...

I bet you're friends feel the same way about you.
I know if I were one of you're best friends I would never call you anything but amazing and sweet.
Sorry for the weirdness of what I just said

Isabelle said...

The bottom pick reminds me of someone I know the one that is blushing

Mimi-Chii said...

*sighs* Thanks, wish that was the truth.