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V~*Click me for a surpise! :D Hehe!*~V
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Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bro-hoof >:D

I just found this on memebase a second ago, and decided to show you guys:

Click to enlarge.
Original link:
Tell what you think in the comments below :D

Friday, October 28, 2011


So, i just had a little problem with a close friend...
She does this a lot too...
Also this all revolves around the post i made right before this about how i stood up to that bully guy who was harassing me, and swearing and stuff.
So we were chatting, and i was telling her this story, and i was so proud of myself, and so very very happy to tell her and finally talk to her about it! We haven't talked in months since she's going to a different school this year...
And i had sent her the whole thing, and she sent a message back going 'I can't read this is your swearing'
And i was like 'Uhh, i didn't swear, i was just repeated what-'
She cuts me off and goes 'YEAH YOU DID SWEAR'
And she totally shut off the conversation...
I didn't swear, i just repeated what the others had said. I even bleeped out the really bad words for her... I was so proud of myself, and she just wouldn't listen to anything i had to say. I don't swear around her anyways, i only say 'Crap' and that's it...
I'm kinda disappointed in her. And really sad that i couldn't share my happy moment with her because she wouldn't let me explain... Really wish she could just pause and let me explain. Because i wanted to show her how strong i was, and i thought she'd be excited with me! I still love her but...
Do you guys have any advice?
It would be nice to hear anything comforting...
I'm really hurt by all this... And i wish i could tell her how i feel... But i know i can't because she'll get angry, we'll get into a fight. I don't want to fight anymore either :\

Thursday, October 27, 2011

No crap taken here :D

You know that post about not letting people give you any crap?
Well, that post helped me a lot today.
Now, i have nothing against swearing. It's when people use it for the wrong purposes, that's what pisses me off.
So today in art class, the teacher was talking and this on group of kids were just talking over her and being really disrespectful. Our art teacher is so nice and sweet, and she never does anything about them, which is really sad because they shouldn't be treating her that way... So, i told them to be quiet and listen, and this one kid, we'll call him 'Lookatmei'marudesnobbyboyandnoonelikesmebecausei'mrudeandreallymeantoeveryoneexceptbigboobiedgirlsandiamsupervulgar'
But, mister Vulgar for short.
So, mister Vulgar knows my family, and i know his. Even though we both know each other he goes 'Fuck you bitch,' and flips me off. And i looked at him with disgust. I did nothing to offend him, i didn't hit him, or punch him. I didn't saying anything for a few minutes after that.
But, he had done this kind of thing before, and i was time i did something about this.
After the teacher finished her talk, we all started to clean up our art projects and put them away. Mister Vulgar just stood in the corner, making rude little comments about me and what i was wearing. I was walking over to the closet door where we keep all of our reference books, and i had borrowed one so i was putting it away. And Vulgar just stood in my way. So i looked into his eyes for a moment, taking a dramatic pause. And then i did the point and stab* while saying 'YOU DO NOT FLIP ME OFF. YOU DO NOT SWEAR AT ME.' He interrupted me by saying 'Are you high? I think she's high!' trying to move the guilt onto me and i repeated. 'YOU WILL NOT FLIP ME OFF AND YOU WILL NOT SWEAR AT ME. DO YOU UNDERSTAND!?' and he backed down. His friends said 'No! Amelia flipped him off!' But, my friends backed me up saying 'Amelia isn't that type!' and 'No she didn't!'.
It felt good. My friend tried beating him with my other friends walking stick, but, i stopped her, saying that it was alright. And actually, some one i dislike greatly, offered to kill him for me! Isn't that nice? (In it's own way...)
Anyways, so i stood up for myself, and good things came out of it! So, if anyone give you crap, speak your mind! But, also keep your cool too, if you lose it, you'll look immature.
So...Yeah, that was my success story. Enjoy

 That's how i feel right now. Like my words are a gun, and i can successfully am them!


*Point and stab: I have long finger nails, so i point my finger at whoever, and poke them hard in the collar bone, it feels like being stabbed. So i call it the point and stab :D You do it in time with your words for more effect. It makes you seem more intimidating.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Now, i know this sounds like a weird website, but, please sign the petition. This isn't actually about Justin Bieber, it is actually about using music in videos. Say, you made a video and posted it on youtube, if there was any clip of music in it that is copyrighted, you could be used, and face up to 5 years in jail. That means is you sang happy birthday and post it online, YOU COULD BE SUED. Now does that seem fair? NO. D:< Even if you are only fourteen! 

Some one talking about this:
Skip to 3:51 to hear him actually talk about it.
Love from the Loveless <3

He called on me

'Amelia, what did you write down?' He said looking down at me.
I opened my mouth and froze. I could feel my heart beating faster as the others looked at me, waiting for my answer. My cheeks became flushed, and i felt like i was burning up. I opened and shut my mouth like a fish out of water. I finally thought of a reasonable thing to say, and blurted out "S-sorry! It's rather personal..."
The teacher paused for a second. Almost like... he was shocked. All the other kids said normal things like 'Food' and 'A family'. I always felt like that's what everyone says, and i wanted to come up with something...more for my answer. I wrote down something personal, something that would require a lot of explaining. Something people would judge me for. I wonder if the teacher felt like i didn't trust him. It's not that i don't trust him, i would gladly tell him it and explain all of it, because i feel HE would understand. But the others wouldn't. For the rest of the night, he didn't look at me. Nor did he talk to me after class. Nor did he even ask what i wrote down for the rest of the questions... He just totally ignored me for the rest of that night. What's so wrong with not wanting to go into your past? What's wrong with not telling people things? It's not as if i am keeping some terrible secret that he NEEDS to know! Isn't it alright to not tell something personal, and stick to it? It's alright to say no now and then, right? What are your thoughts?

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Is this you?

Saturday, October 15, 2011

To: Him. From: Who ever i am.

 To: You. That person in my life who scares me every time i look at you. Last time i talked to you, i almost barfed. You make me sick, sad, and scared. Everything you have ever said to me in the past year scares me. Sorry, that's just how it is.

Your the last person i've ever wanted to see again.
You laughed at me, mockingly.
Yet, i speak no harsh words towards you.
Your threaten my life once again with your conceited griping.
You blame me, and tell me it's all me fault.
A long time again i believed that too.
But, not anymore.
I have realized that it was never my fault.
I did nothing wrong.
This may sound so unprofessional, but, it was your fault.
And i have no regret, i reacted the same way anyone else would.
And now, i will take no more crap like that again.
I don't have to take that. And i won't.
You gave me your heart, i handed it right back to you, without a scratch.
You took it home with you and stabbed it with a long knife.
And then proceeded to say it was all my fault.
But, you know the truth.
i wish i could speak these words aloud, yet, if i did, it may end up more trouble some than it's worth.
So i write these words down here, where they can lay undisturbed.
And, one last thing.
I have never taken anything from you.
Not your friends, not your money, nothing.
So stop giving me that look, and stop whispering little 'things' to me.
I don't want you back. Actually, i never wanted you in the first place.

Sincerely,Who i am, and who ever i while become.
I hope your happy. But i won't give up.

Friday, October 14, 2011

So. I must ask...

How can i improve this blog? What do you guys want me to post more of? What sort of things do you want me to write about?
Post you answer below! :D

Monday, October 10, 2011

I servived the con o.O

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Self Conscious Much?

So today some one came up and said my hair looked really pretty, and that she likes it alot.
Then he said it looked a bit green... Which made me sad. Green hair? Tinted green?
I mean, it'd be cool if it was bright lime green, or something, that would be totally cool with me! But, it's either all of none. Not just tinted. Now i am thinking about whether to dye it white-blond with pink and blue stripes or not... Ugh. I love dying my hair, it gives that extra something to every outfit. But, once it starts to fade, then it just gets ugly. I died my hair blue, then people said it was green, and that started getting to be after a while...
So anyways, i have just been thinking about my hair all day now.. Sheesh. *frowny face*

Friday, September 23, 2011

Memories Of The Sea

     Every one has seen something that we wish to forget. We keep it locked up in the back of our minds, hidden until the day we need this memory to keep us human... Mutters in the dark are the only thing keeping us from insanity. Those mutters are the wind blowing through our empty head. It calms me, and makes me feel like I should.
     The waves of the empty beach crash up against the rocks at my feet. I could smell the salt from the sea. This always made me happy. This is where I go to think. When the days become hazy, and the echoes of cruel words ring in my head, I can come here. I can stop thinking about the past. I began to lie on my back and think about things of my past. Like I have said, sometimes I’d like to forget, but, today, I wanted to remember that one time, the time he smiled. I smirked. Life is a silly thing. It’s exactly like the wind blowing. I don’t know where it’s going. Even if I did know, I don’t think I’d want to know.
   The stars above me sparkled in the midnight sky. I looked up to see if I could find our star, the one that lights our way.  Even if I couldn’t find it, I know it’s up there. Maybe one day you can find me.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Attacked by a crow.

No seriously.
It did happen.
Okay, so here's the story, i was wearing my tiny tiara to the mall, because mom had to get a pair of shoes repaired, and i needed to pick up some fabric for my costume. So, we had just gotten out of the car, and were walking through the parking lot, and i felt something grab the back of my head, and i thought it was my mom, so i said knock it off as my crown fell off into my hands, and the crow flew away. I looked at mom, and she nodded. The crow attacked my head and tried to make off with my tiara D:<  And then, he just sat on top of the building, watching me... watching me... watching me...

Have you seen this crow?
Wanted for head scratching and attempt robbery.
Reward: My thankfulness and love.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

just a word for students returning to school.

School is a terrible, and a wonderful place all at the same time.
Where friends and relationships thrive and grow, while over die slowly.
Where we can laugh, but also be pushed over the edge to tears.
This year in school, don't let anyone, and i mean ANYONE, tell you your weird, or creepy, or a freak, or anything the offends you. You tell them that you are you, and nothing else. And that you will NOT take that crap from ANYONE.
That's what i am going to do this year. Just like last year, i am NOT taking that from anyone.
Good luck to all fellow students returning to school!
~Amlelia The Loveless.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cutey asian men xD

Hey, guess what gender the singer is. In the first 32 second, and then the rest of the video.

Thursday, September 1, 2011


This is what people are like where i live xD
Aww, dark humor is the only kind for me ^^ enjoy my little fiends! <3
~Amelia Loveless

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Let me tell you about my brother >.>

Sooooo~ I was helping my mom clean this store we work at because she hurt her back, right? Right.
My brother slaps me once before we start cleaning, and i shrug it off. He pokes me really hard later. It felt like he was stabbing me with a butter knife. I decided to be professional and just say 'Hey, stop it!' instead of slapping him back. Later when i go upstairs to get him from the break room so we can take the garbage out, he flicks me. It wasn't the kind of 'haha, lol jk jk' flick. It was more of the 'I HATE TO SO MUCH' flick that feeling like some out shot you with an airsoft gun. And i said 'You know what? FINE. I won't help you with the garbage.' And so i go down stairs to explain to my mom why i wasn't taking out the garbage with him, and she gets PISSED. And this is what she said 'You are NOT working with me tomorrow. You and your brother just can't get along can you?! WHY CAN'T YOU GET ALONG!?' And i try to calming explain what happened, and tell her that i did nothing wrong. My brother comes in and she asks him what happened. All he said was 'SHE'S LYING!' And i just stare at him. SHOCKED. Like, What the heck man!? I DID NOTHING TO YOU! And then she starts yelling at us in front of a few employees. I got embarrassed and said nothing the rest of the night. Nothing. Not in the car ride home. Not at home. I am typing this now just to get this all out. And just a few minutes ago, my father came in here. and yelled at me, saying it was BOTH OF OUR FAULTS. I don't have a problem with that, but then he started to make it sound like i am the one at fault. Not my brother. And that is a day in my home life. This happens what? About.. 4 or 5 times a week? And the WHOLE FAMILY gets involved. Yeah. home life. Weeeeh. Fun *sarcasm*

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Every one sees something that we wish to forget. We keep it locked up in the back of our minds, hidden until the day we need this memory to keep us human... Mutters in the dark are the only thing keeping us from insanity

Monday, August 8, 2011

Jealous rant (Warning, may contain swearing...)

I have found myself getting...jealous.
JEALOUS OF THE MAN I SHOULD HATE (But don't for some STUPID reason)

I mean seriously, i should just get a grip and never think about him again. BUT I JUST CAN'T DO THAT CAN I?! >:C Noooo, because i'm stupid idiot, i can't just seem to stop thinking about him >.> Am i becoming like a jealous girlfriend now? AM I WHAT I HATE THE MOST!? GAAAAHHHH >.> Geez! We never went out, but, he acted like an evil ex... And now i'm all pissed off and don't know what to do D:< Maybe i am just bored and lonely as always and just want attention FROM ANYONE, and that's why, BUT HOW THE H*LL DO I STOP FEELING LIKE THIS!? D:< I really just need to work on something to get my mind off of this. But, All i want to do is talk to him... again... BUT NO. Because like i said before, i SHOULD hate him, but, i don't, I'M FRIGGIN TORN. GAWD Dx< Grrr.... *grinds teeth*

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Loneliness washed over me like a cold wave of sorrow.
I felt like no one was there.
Not a one.
All of my friends were off at camp, or hanging out with relatives. I'm just here, alone...
I feel like there is nothing for me.
No one had time for me...
All too busy to even look at the calender.
I began to cry.
I didn't want to be crying.
I didn't want to look like this.
I didn't want today to be like this.
I didn't want anything i had...
Want i wanted was no where to be found.
I wanted to be laughing right now.
I wanted to be holding a hand.
I wanted to be with someone.
I wanted to with you.
And yet, i'm still here...
Will the loneliness subside?
(I want to be the concert...)

Friday, July 29, 2011


Today i was going through my old drawing books, and i came across something i fondly remember. It shows how long i've been doing this.
It was a picture of a lady in a wedding dress, holding, what appears to be dead flowers.
And underneath this picture was a poem like saying.
And here it is, i present to you, 'The Moon Walk Lady' By 11 year old Amelia. (Before the Loveless came):

'She walks by day, she walks by night
Her skin pale as the moon. She appears by the sorrow that owns her.
The owls call out "Twa-oo, Twa-oo, Come to us Fare Lady...'
She declines. Her face a glow.
She awaits her beau.
She is the moon walk lady'

...Yeah, i think i was better at this when i was nine...
Sad, huh? ^^;;

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Goodbye Mister Dispair.

This post is for a guy named Tristan R.
I hope your listening...
I am still thinking of you.
Anyways, here it is. I call this one, 'Almost a tragedy'
I made so many promises, but, i couldn't hold true to them.
I cried for days, i have become so scared of you, and what you might do to.
Life has so many complications, maybe you were just one of the few that makes everything alright?
Something better this way comes.
I feel like i'm drowning in sorrow, for i don't know what i can do.
Patience wasn't something that you owned, now was it?
I had a dream last night,
It involved you and me..
We weren't very happy.
And in the end, you left because of me.
And i wasn't very happy with the way things turned out for me.
You got off without a hook, and i had to see you so sad.
You knew my worst fears, and used them against me.
I will never trust another man like you again, dear sir.
You wear a mask of fake love, deceit, and lies.
Ans yet, i love you as much as a shattered girl can...
I wish you all the best and i hope you have live on.
I am like a glass and i break easily.
But you can never fix me back to the way i was. Without these memories...
I had another dream last night.
You came back.
But you were just an empty soulless shell.
Except when i wasn't around, you had so much life.
I hate being the reason behind your pain.
But i don't know what to do...Anymore at least.
I still cry at times.
I write these words for you, and for no one else.
These are the things i can't say in person. For fear of what will happen.
I am dying here.
Because you won't listen.
And i can't open my mouth.
Hate and love are two undefinable feelings.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Who are you to be living?
YOU are just a blemish on the worlds complexion!
You should be gone now!
But, why? Why are you still here?
A long time ago, you said you were useless, you were stupid, and the world had no need for you.
You talked big, but, i guess that's all you were.
I don't even ask anymore.
'i have no need for your pity'
Wanna die?
Go ahead.
If you want to, i'm not stopping you anymore.
I could care less.
But, if you aren't, live with all your might!
Most people would see it as your depressed.
And act like it's okay.
You wanna die? GO AHEAD.
No one will notice, the only way to show people is to survive.
'I don't belong here'
Wanna die? Go ahead.
If not, live with all your might!
Live, die?
I'm leaving now.
It's up to you.


Friday, July 22, 2011


I had a weird dream last night.
It was about a boy and a girl, and how every time the boy said something mean, or lied about something, someone or something would slowly turn to charcoal. I was in the dream too. Me and him were fighting about how he was suppose to be a good person, and he wasn't. And then suddenly, we were in a museum. It was of everything and everyone he slandered and killed. One thing stood out for me, i walked over and looked in this glass shelf, there was a lizard and it's child.Totally black,and crumbling away slowly... This hurt to see them in o much pain. He walked over and started to talk badly of the lizards, they cried out in pain as the crumbled away to nothing.
This man was killing things just by being mean. I tried to talk to him, i even tried yelling at him, i tried everything to get him to stop it...But nothing was working. Eventually i woke up, and got out of bed, And came over to my computer to write this. I believe there is a valuable lesson to be learned here. Talking badly about people hurts, and may even kill them...
So next time you want to be mean and call someone/something stupid, remember the charcoal story.
~Amelia Loveless.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

CUT CUT CUT! RAWWWWWRRRR >;D And a 'Shot gun' wedding (Not what you think)

C-c-c-c-cut my hair xD Can i get a woot?
Alright guys, here is a story, sorry this has taken sooooo long Dx I'm just a lazy butt =.=;;

The music played softly, like a whisper in the wind.
Her heels quietly clicked, she walked towards the man she hated the most.
His hand held her's, They both were dressed in the darkest clothes possible.
They both closed there eyes and wished it would all stop. But, they had different reasons for this wish.
She wanted to run, he wanted to stay still.
'Do you take this woman as your new wife?'
'I do'
'Do you take this man as your husband?'
She paused.
Opened her eyes and looked around.
All she could see was the man in the back of this chapel.
He stood there, glaring.
She never noticed the tears or the smiles that the rest of viewers had.
'...I do...' she mumble.
'You may now kiss the bride'
He came close, she wanted to stab him with the knife she had hidden inside her bouquet. But she kept it hidden.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Sunday, July 17, 2011

R.I.P. Amelia Loveless.

Hello, this is Mimi's (AKA Amelia Loveless) father speaking/writing this.
Amelia died 7/17/97 from a allergic reaction to a bee.
She was stung by a bee, and suddenly, she had a hard time breathing, we called 911. But, we live far back so they had a hard time. When they arrive, it was too late. I am sorry to inform you of this...
Oh, my little fiends, how foolish you are! I haven't died, i almost did. Well, not really. I was 'close' to getting rabies though!
So, here's how it went down:
I have three cats, Trinket, Broba, and Jeorge. (Oh, by the way, all these cats are girls. Can you tell which one i named?)
I was sitting in side, listening to Pandora on my family's Roku. And i see Broba holding a, from what i can see, a pack rat. I live near a forest/swamp area. Suddenly, it twitched! I got excited, think that maybe i could do some nice for the poor animal. Now, before i go on, i want to tell you something. I have saved cats (three actually), snakes, birds, and moles. So i thought this small, cute animal would be no different, I pick up the small scared animal, put it deep in the forest, and save a life. That's not how it happened. I chased after Broba, yelling 'DROP IT!' and 'PUT IT DOWN!'. Broba dropped it a few times, but picked it right back up. I grabbed Broba, and took the rat out of Broba's mouth. The rat bite deep down into my right hand, index/'pointer' finger. It hurt, but i didn't care, i've been through worse. I tried to take the rat off my hand, but he held on tight. I didn't shake, i took his mouth, pinched it, and took his long teeth out of my hand. I dropped him, and pushed Broba away. Sadly, My dear Trinket took the animal away... My hand was bleeding too much, so i gave up the fight. I guess that's just the way nature works...
 I walked inside and began to cleanse the wound. My dad yelled and lectured. Funny how parents yell when you get hurt, i mean, IT AIN'T HELPIN' MAN! Anyways, my dad called 911, thinking i am have gotten rabies. A while back my Sunday school teacher said that it you get rabies, you have to get 50 shots. In the stomach. Long needles. Painful. I started crying. For one thing, this had been an awful day, it was last day i saw my best friend before she moved away to another state, AND THEN I GET BIT TRYING TO DO THE 'RIGHT THING'! And it hurt, like a lot. Still kinda does... Maybe that's because i'm stupid and keep poking it... Geez. Even after all this, i don't blame the rat, it didn't know i was trying to save it. Anyways, we went to the doctors, entertained the nurse by telling my story, got medicine just in case, got a soda, and returned home. Over all, this whole thing took three hours. Oh well, at least i have a story to tell!
Love you, my fiends!

~Amelia Loveless </3

Friday, July 15, 2011

Barbie? Is-No, WAS that you?

Yes. Yes i DID own barbies, just like any other young girl. But once i 'this' (if there is anyway to describe this..)I decide to go a little crazy and modify them.
Do you guys know what a 'Chelsea smile' is? Well, it's this:
See her lips? Yup, that scar? That's a Chelsea smile. I am slightly obsessed with the rag doll look as you can probably tell. So this is what i did to my barbie dolls.

I think these are good displays of how i feel. The scars down there back symbolize back stabbing.
Here are so close ups, click them to make 'em bigger:


Miss Lucy:
Lovely aren't they? My little fiends <3
~Amelia Loveless</3

My birthday is July 30th, but, since my best friend is moving the 21st i decide to spend it earlier with her. And so here is that cake :D

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pet names?

Hello my little Fiends! :D I think that's what i'm going to call you guys ^^ My little fiends! I thought it was a cute pet name for my followers...Though i may be getting a head of myself
What do you think?

Humple yourself and listen up fellow bunnies. Listen to this:

Amelia's Lovely Nightmare.

The men are boarding.
The ship is leaving.
The crowd is laughing.
The wifes are crying.
The children are running.
The birds are singing.
The clouds are raining.
The people are leaving.
The widows regretting.
The sailors are bleeding.
The dead are hanging.
The last noose swinging.
 Love never lasting...

~Amelia LoveLess </3

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Blog blog blog Dx BLAH!

OMFCSIMESC! (Oh My Fudge Covered Strawberries I My Epic Sugary Cereal) MY TEEF HURTH!
And i can't feel my lips D: I went the dentist to get some fillings, and then numbed my cheeks and my tongue... AND MY LIPS D:< I CAN'T TASTE A THING! GAAAAHH! Dx And now that my cheeks aren't numb, MY TEETH HURT LIKE JUSTIN BEIBER HAVING A GROWTH SPURT AND BECOMING A REAL MAN Dx And as you can probably tell, i'm a little high o.O;; I started giggling in the dentist, and i could stop Dx I don't really know why either...It hurt when they were drilling into my teeth Dx A lot of FML moments today. BUT! A huuuggeee! MAJOR. SUPER GIGANTIC HIGHLIGHT OF THE DAY! Look at my shirt >:D 

Oh yeaahhhh! >:D So happy about my Gir shirt >u< I got it half off too!
U jelly?
xD I really need to stop spending my time on Rage Comics >.>

Poem much? HA HA NO! NOT TODAY! Well, maybe a little preview...
Inspiration can't be found, I'm bored all day, feeling useless and unwanted, wishing for a door to open to a new world, so i can find something useful to do. 

So, that's the beginning to a song ^^; Not the best, but, hey *shrugs*
~Amelia Loveless</3

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Tomorrow is my little tea party with Amelia M. <3
Yay :3

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Creepy Pasta?

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


My top five weaknesses, five things that make me sad or angry:
1) Calling me a freak.
2) Telling me no one loves me.
3) Telling me that i am nothing, and that i am useless.
4) Hurting some one else.
5) Making an absurd remark about a group of people.

How to break a heart:

Monday, July 4, 2011


The hard, shallow sound of a slap echoed through the room.
But the only thing she could hear was his voice screaming.
The kicks, the punches, the bruises, the bite marks.
In her head she repeated to herself  'this doesn't hurt, this isn't painful, he loves me,'
He picked up, and through the lamp. Breaking the the broken.
A black eye, a broken arm, twisted ankles.
The list of things she has put up with goes on and on.
She covers up her wounds in the mirror.
Nothing more she can do.
She can't leave him for she believes she loves him.
He won't stop.
She can't protect herself.
She had nothing, she is left nothing...
What can she do?
(Comment with an answer to this question, please? This poem/story/thingy is for my mother, her first husband beat her. But now we have my loving dad to protect us and to be there. Thanks ^^)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Just wanted to share this xD

I'm starting a tag! :D

This tag i have made up is for those who feel teased and mocked, and something to remind us that we are perfect. I tag Space-Out-Autumn, Spaztastic, And The Life Of The Lonely
So here's the tag, it's simple. Remember to pass this on too!
Name: Amelia LoveLess
4 things that you aren't:
1) I'm not a freak.
2) I'm not creepy
3) I'm not scary
4) I'm not gay
12 things that you ARE and that you are proud to be:
1) Christian
9)Harajuku lover
10) Lolita
12)Not like you

6 things that you want:
1) I want to feel loved.
2) I want to save lives
3) I want you to see me
4) I want him to remember me
5) I want to help
6) I want to see you
1 childish thing you still do:
1) Wish on stars.. (yeah =.=;)
2 people you miss:
1) Him
Where do you fit in in the world?
No where, and that's why i love it here <3

Anyone can do this tag, and i'd love it if you did ^^ And please give credit to the creator <3 Oh, and if you do do this (haha 'dodo' xD) leave me a link?

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Why you should never second guess.

Second guessing is exactly how it sounds. You think you know one thing, you start to think again, and you second guess yourself. Now i find second guessing useless and unhelpful. Because here's how i see it.
Your taking a test, and a question comes up and you think and answer is (A), but you start to think, and decide your wrong and go for (B). You turn it in and come back next week to pick it up and see how well you did. It turns out (A) was the correct answer. And so you beat yourself up for not sticking with (A). The point is, you'll never know until time tells, so don't second guess yourself. Just go with what your head and heart tell you.

Love, Amelia Loveless
(This post is for Amelia M. My best friend who needs some help right now)

Jealous of other's love...

Jealousy sinks threw my skin and into my heart.
Couples rejoice in there lovely relationships, while i'm left alone.
I watch as people kiss, and hug.
I watch as people flirt, laugh together, all the same to me.
I'm left a alone. To feel sorry for my self.
Alone, alone, alone, alone, loveless, alone, alone, alone, alone.
It echos in my head.
The man who loved me, wasn't the right one.
The man I loved, hated me back.
My black cat comes up and purrs, rubbing it's self up against my leg.
I smile.
'At least you love me...'
And then i start to think to myself, maybe i just haven't found the right person...
And i remind myself that when he comes, I'll know.

~Amelia Loveless
To Amelia M. my best friend:
Keep your chin up, he's right there. Don't second guess yourself.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


D: My dad lost the form to buy the DVD of my swing dance performance... Why does he do this to me? :( He even missed my fashion show last year too...*sighs*

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Too bored, wrote short story that makes no sense for you guys, enjoy!

My shoe-less, sock-less foot softly touched the cold steal metal of the trains foot step as I climbed into the beautiful purple train. The train sat out side of the courtyard of my hollow home. The train glistened in the moonlight of our 13 o’ clock hour. Inside was a sight to see, the walls of the corridors that led to the passenger car was lined with red velvet, the small vents that hid out of side from the passengers rushed cold wind from the outside into the corridor.
‘Don’t worry, it isn’t this cold in the passenger car, trust me,’ the man explained to me, ‘We need it this cold, so we can survive in here,’
He held out his scaly hand, showing he wanted my ticket so I could proceed into my respected seat.
I handed him my small gold ticket, my hand grazed his, I could feel how hot he was.
‘Of course,’ I thought, ‘Reptiles need to stay cool’
He handed me back my ticket after he checked it off with his long, pointy finger nails.
‘Last row, third seat to the left’ he told me and pointed to the door to my right. I nodded and thanked him, and continued on.
I could here him whisper to his partner ‘She was a strange looking one, never seen her type around here’.
He probably should have waited till I was fully out the door. I reached my seat at the back of the car, and sat out in the third seat, it was a lovely. I had the window all to myself. Sad it only reminded me of my ugly exterior, I could see my horrid reflection in the window. A sudden jerk stopped my ‘self pity party’ in the midst of it. The train slowly chugged a long, pulling along all of the passenger cars, and the small coal car hooked on the end. I suddenly realized the astonishing fact that I was all alone in this small car. No in front of me, and no one could possibly be behind me for I was in the last row.
‘But, when I bought my ticket, the man said that this was the last one…I wonder where everyone could be…’ I thought to myself as I leaned on my elbow, leaned my head on my hand, and looked out the window. The train quickly chugged past all of the scenery, the trees looked like little blurs in the distance. The only thing I could make out was snow. And lots of it. The small snow drops couldn’t be seen anymore. The train felt like it was going a little too fast to be safe. The train tilted as it headed up a hill, and tilted back down as in head forwards on the tracks. My memories of that day came back to my head, I felt sorry for what happened to you so long ago. How could this be so marry? The train suddenly stopped, creating a loud screeching sound. I quickly stood up, and ran to the door that led into the corridor.
Blocked by the dead bodies of the two reptile men. I ran to the back of the car, and swung open the door, a cold wind swept over me and a stood on the edge of the door. I jumped down onto the tracks and tried to see what was going on. The front of the train had been smashed in by something, and now was on fire. The dark smoke reached high into the sky, Sadness over whelmed me. I’d never reach where I was going now… My two small ears flapped in the wind, a loud silenced hushed over the snow as a boy walked towards me. He looked a lot like me, I blushed and looked up at him, and he looked down at me. He stepped near, and started humming a song. ‘…’ I said nothing. And then I joined in. I knew this song, and only one other person knew it. ‘I thought you were dead,’ I told him.

Yeah, it makes no sense D: This is just an out line for a short story manga i am going to write today ^^

Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Poison Preview:

The first few pages of chapter one:

“I’m so excited,” I said with joy to my mother. I was about 11 years old at the time.  My mother was standing next to me as I sat on a table. We were waiting for my brother’s Japanese teacher. We were going to go to china down in Seattle, we had gone there before, but, going to chine town on a field trip made this, some how, more exciting.  Maybe it was because I was going with people I didn’t know, and maybe it was that they were all way older than me. After a while of waiting, HE arrived. Tall, thin, beautiful in every way, his eyes were brown, but, something about them made them seemed like the sun. So bright and clear, also he was wearing punk clothes, a black short sleeved shirt over a black and grey striped one, a simple chain necklace, and baggy black cargo pants. I didn’t know his name at the time, but, I thought he was cute. Everyone told me I had and still do bad taste in men, and maybe I do but, it’s all just an opinion.  Even for my age I started to like boys, I was quite girly when I was younger, I still am, though. The teacher finally arrived, we handed her our permission slips so we could get on to that damn bus! I wasn’t actually even in the class, my brother was. He was 16 at the time.  My mom didn’t want me to stay alone at school for such a long time so, since she was a chaperone so she had permission to take me along too. Oh, this will probably explain a little better about situation, as you can probably tell; I don’t go to a ‘normal’ school. Mine was different. ‘*beep*’ as we called it, ‘*beep*’ stood for ‘*beeeeeeepppppbloopbeepybeepbeep*’. That was the name of my school, a mouth full huh? Well, *beep* was different because, we got to choose our schedules. We can choose what days we go to school, what classes we take, and even what time! I loved my school, it was amazing. I made friends easily, everyone was very friendly. Anyways, back to the story, the teacher arrived, my mom and her chit-chatted, and we boarded the magically ship i called 'the bus', yeah as you can tell, i was rather excited like i stated before. I sat right behind the cute guy I mentioned before. I can’t recall most of the bus ride. I remember talking to my mom and listening to the teacher talk to the girls on the bus about make-up and such. After a long ride, about two hours long we came to our destination, China Town.  The (cute) boy in front of us had fallen asleep, I thought it would be best to wake him up. I poked him a couple of times, lightly pulled his hair.

He woke up and I told him “Umm… We’re here now…” In a shy voice, he stared at me for a few moments, it was rather awkward, I pointed out the window to show him, and to try to make him understand this situation.  His eyes followed my finger to the window. He sat up and stared at me again, then the teacher broke this awkward situation telling everyone that we had arrived and to get off the bus in an ‘orderly fashion’. He turned towards her, showing that he was paying attention. I felt bad, I thought about saying sorry for pulling his hair, but, it was too late.  We all exited off the bus, and stood in front of the large shop, it was decorated with beautiful dragons, red and gold poles with more dragons wrapped around and ran up and down the streets. It was lovely, I did so enjoy coming here. It wasn’t my first time, I’d come here about once a year. She told us to meet back here at 2:00 PM. And so we parted and I lost site of him.  That day continued on, we shopped, ate the greasy, deep fried food they sold there and met back outside of the store. I kept looking around for him in the crowd of students, but, I just couldn’t see him. I never understood my wild obsession with him. I probably should have stopped looking for him, this obsession with seeing him came back to bite me later, but, that will come later in this story. We all entered onto the bus again, my mother and I sat further back in the bus, and, coincidentally, the boy from before sat right next to us.
 I smiled and tried not to make eye contact with him. I was still embarrassed about how rude I was before. But, instead of keep my fat mouth shut, I tried to act cool and ask where he was all day.
“Hey,” I said, in a little-louder-than-I-expected voice. It came out awkwardly, and he didn’t notice me the first time I said it.
And so, I tried again, yet, I waved this time, thinking that is I moved enough he’d notice me.
“Umm, hey?” I said again.
‘Why did I say that in a form of a question?’ I asked myself, ‘I’m such an idiot some times…’
“Oh, hello,” He said in a kind, honest voice.
My heart stopped as his words floated into my head.
“Hi,” I said. ‘Ah, crap! I already said ‘hey’! Now he’ll think I’m weird!’
Then, I was about to pull a cheesy line out of my ass, when my mom saved me.
“So! What did you buy?” She asked in her own motherly way.

“Oh, just these,” He said pulling out a pink Hello-Kitty case and handed it to me.
“How cute,” I said smiling. I had a small obsession with cute pink things at that time.
He took it from me and opened it, revealing cute tiny pair of chopsticks.
“Ooh~ Nice. I love Hello-Kitty” I said smiling at him, brightly.
“Cute, huh?” He asked me.
I nodded.
There was a small pause in our conversation, as it reached its end.
“So, what did you buy?” He asked me.
Seeing how I had only bought a small eraser shaped like an ice cream cone, I told him I had bought nothing special.
My mother on the other hand, had bought a magazine filled with cute Lolita clothes from Japan. My mother took over the conversation, and that was that.
That was my first encounter with the one man who would make me feel like magic.
Later, after we were alone, I asked my mother what was his name.
And she said, “Rill,”
Rill, eh? It’s a sweet name.  The next time I encountered him, I made a fatal mistake.
The next time I encountered him, I learned something that would change my view on life forever.
I saw him off and on, passing by him in the hall ways and such. You know how it is. I stared at him, he’d notice me. I’d blush and turn away.
That was how it was, at that time, I was a super shy girl. I knew nothing of the world outside of mine. It would usually just be me, myself and I. Alone.  My best friend was Izzy. She was a shy girl too. Almost more shy than me. Nothing happened between Rill and me that year. Things started to heat up when the year was almost at its close, and the next year, when I took a hold of life and changed. And what I mean by change, I mean a serious change. I changed everything. At the time, I had been hanging out with the… ‘popular’ group. Well, as popular as it gets in a co-op program where we were half public schooled and half home schooled. Yeah, I went to an odd school to say the least, the people there were even stranger. But, that comes later. Back to what I was saying, I was in the ‘popular’ group at the time, it was a group of about five. Here’s the order of people and there roles.
1) Oryash. She was the rudest girl in the whole school, and she new it. She could swear more than an old sailor, and get away with it too. She could charm any man with her huge boobs and straight black hair. She used this one guy for his money. She squeezed every single drop out of him. I feel sorry for that poor kid…  She plays the role of ‘Head cheerleader’. She actually was a cheerleader.
2) Raychel. She was a sweet, short, girl. She was the second in charge. She new everyone and was our connection to anyone and everyone. She and her boyfriend were nice when you’re alone with them. But, when Oryash came along, she totally change. She was the girl who almost swore as much as the head ringleader.  She was full of a ton of dirty jokes. Mostly involving some one being gay, or a retard, but, mostly just about man parts.  But Raychel was also a traitor to Oryash. Oryash had a butt as big as her boobs, and so, that was the point of everyone’s attention. And so Raychel would make fun of her behind her back. But, by herself, she would stand up for you and was very kind.
3) Raynay. There is a word for a chick like this. *insert anything you want here*. She was the MEANEST, CRUELEST girl in the school. As many people would say it, she thought she was ‘all that’. She bragged how big her small chest was, how tall she was, and how ‘pretty she was’. She HATED me. She was always trying to 'one up' me, and after a while, I started to stop caring. This girl was the (or at least what she thought she was the) super model of the school.
4) Lacey (who ever that was)
I know nothing about this girl, but, everyone in our ‘group’ new about her, and how amazing she was. I have no clue who she is, I’ve never met her. EVER.
5) Me. I am a curvy girl, I was and still am five foot eight inches. I had a unique sense of style (which was what Rayna hated about me). I was the shy girl who completed the group. The girl who would just hang in the corners, and be the sweet one of the group.

     And so, I was kind of a…brat back then, I really wish I could turn back time and fix everything I had ever said and done to anyone and everyone.  I took men who joke around and mess with young girls hearts very seriously.  One boy, his name was Jake. He was a jerk. He thought that it was hilarious whenever he called me ‘hot babe’ and ‘sexy’ and I blushed. It was something I loved, and hated all at the same time, but that’s not the point, I must tell you about what happened next between me and Rill. Me and my best friend Alycia thought it was funny to write fake love letters to guys we ACTUALLY liked, then just say it was a joke. It was an easier way to make an excuse to talk to them then actually becoming there friends.

I beeped out the name of my school, i don't want you stalkers to come lookin' for me D:<

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hey guys, for a while there i stopped posting everyday, and started to procrastinate. =.=; Sorry about that. School's officially over, my allergies are in full swing, and i'm bored as hell. SO, i will be posting more often :3 I have actually gotten back into writing in my stories 'Blue Roses' and 'The Poison'. I will give you guys a little preview later ^^ Thanks for all the comments and views!
~Amelia Loveless

Thursday, June 23, 2011

How i feel about the last day of school D:

She was filled with remorse. She looked back at the things she did, and the things she COULD have done.
The things she did were only five things:
1) New hair cut
2) New makeup style
3) Talked to a boy
4) Had a boy have a crush on me
5) get kissed
and the list of things she could have done went on and on.
1) Could have lost weight
2) Could have done more in art class
3) Could have studied harder
4) Could have handled things better
5) Could have been more open
6) Could have done more exciting things
7) Could have looked better
8) Could have smelled better
9)Could have had more friends
10) Could have had a better time
11) Could have hurt less people
12) Could have kept a few more secrets
13) Could have been funnier
14) Could have been more serious about school.
15) Could have helped more people
This was her last day of school, and tonight was the last day to practice for her swing dance class.
'I could have done a lot more this year...' she thought.
Every year she promise herself to do better and to go farther, but every year, he plans fail. Like a plane on fire, her plans fell through. Falling down threw the clouds, children screaming on the air plane as it came closer and closer to smashing into the ground and killing everyone of the small children. All of the things that she had done kept her flying in the air, but, still, she dived down through the clouds to her flaming death.
   Basically how i feel about this school year >.>; If you saw the post waaayyyy before this, then you would understand all of these things *shrugs*

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Do you every just look ahead and feel like your in a desert?
Feel like everything will be the same?
That you will never find love?
That nothing will ever change?
That you will never, ever do anything worth a 'round of applauds'?
That you will never have people cheer you on and tell you how amazing you are without being paid?
Ever felt so lonely that even when your surround with people, you still don't feel...whole?
Today is Wednesday. And i still can't get over what happen yesterday. I'll try to keep my chin up like you've always told me...

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Awful day...

Taunted and mocked, she walks away, her heart a little more broken. Her goals unachieved, her soul a little more hollow.
'...i knew it... I KNEW IT!'She told herself.
'I'm a never find...' Her name...
Amelia Loveless.
'That's it,' she said, ' i give up' she told herself.
'Maybe i am weird!
Maybe i am a freak!
Maybe i should just...die?
No no no! I can't do that, i am the hope! When great grandma died, and my uncle committed suicide, i was born! I was the new life! I am hopeful and optimistic, i may get depressed easily, but, i can get over that!
I'm changing for no one!' She told herself
And that's how a simple life was saved.

Awful awful day today...
Another case of Loveless attacked. Really really depressed at the moment D: Could use some cyber hugs Dx

Monday, June 6, 2011


'Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
I'll punch your eyes out because i hate you too.'
Quote from Amelia Loveless~ >:D
I thought of that in the middle of the night o.o;

Ahhh~ My love for demented music grows with 'Marry me' by EA

This arrangement is deranged.
This fixed marriage is suppose to be heaven....More like hell. 
'Marry me' he said through his beard.
'Marry me instead of that strapping young goatherd,' 
Father put me up to this, i wish i could leave... 
After my father sold me, i knew i has to keep to myself.
But, on the bright side, what lovely clothes i will have.
He may be rich, but, poor in pity.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Ugly men >_>

In most fairytales, the prince marries the young pauper girl.
In this story, the young pauper girl murders her ugly prince for he deceitful crimes.
With a cold, rusty knife was taken into her hand.
He hurt her so.
She hurt him so.
Maybe even? I think not so.
This is a tragic story, it will never finish for the last page of this book has been ripped out.

Remember children, library books are not yours to take and ruin for everyone else. People don't cut or take out pages of the books. SERIOUSLY D:<
There, another poem for you guys ^^;; sorry it isn't very long D: Not enough time...

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


His eyes were like liquid fire. 
His glare, it felt like it was burning a whole in my heart.
The more i looked at him, the more hollow i felt.
It was like he was ripping out everything that made
He hollowed me out, and left me alone on the side walk.
An empty shell of what i used to be.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Today i found out something disturbing...

I looked up '' on google. To see if my site came down, which it did.
But the things after it...scared me. 
There were two porn sites listed below five of my actual connected sites.This disturbed me, and so, out of curiosity i clicked on one.  
Yup. It was a porn site. A sick, twisted one too...
Now the only question is, HOW THE HECK DID MY BLOG/NAME GET ON THERE!?

Sunday, May 29, 2011



Thursday, May 26, 2011

Kids fight.

He climbed.
His head peeked up over the window sill.
"What did you do now?" He asked with a chuckle.
I blushed and looked away.
"Oh, come on, we both know why your in here. You tried it again didn't you?"
"N-no!" I denied.
He came closer and sat on the edge of my bed. 
I gripped the teddy bear my best friend had given me earlier today.
'Just leave me alone...I hate you' i thought to myself.
He kept trying to get close to me, and i couldn't move very far. 
The wires hooked up to me held me back.
"Recharging takes a while, Huh?" He said.
"Yeah, duh. That's why i am here" I said, "idiot" i whispered under my breath.
"Bing-ding-pong" Went the machine that i had been hooked up to, signally it was finish recharging me.
I pulled out the plug out of my neck, and stood up.
I walked over to the window with confidence. 
Quickly slid open the window, and jumped out.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fire eats away.

I watched the fire eat away at the paper i had placed inside the glass doors.  The fire blackened the paper ever so slowly.  The fire looked like liquid, it was smooth and effortlessly taking away these papers.  These papers never were meant to be taken into the world. So now i will take them away.  Thank you fire, thank you for taking away these horrible things.  They weren't meant to be... a little like me.  Dear fire, you are just like water.  Yet, why does it defeat you?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Secrets inside the sleeping mind.

Sorry guys, this won't be another poem. ^^;;
There are a lot of things people won't and don't tell us. 
Whether it's important or not, they just don't/won't tell us. 
Which is slightly depressing.
From my experience, the one thing people don't tell us or explain, is their reasoning.
It's an odd thing to hide don't you think? 'Why don't they just tell us? I mean, it's not like i'm going to freak out!' i usaully think. But, honestly, i do the exact same thing. And honestly, i have no clue why!
Another thing, is out secret passions. I like the song Bruises and Bitemarks, which is odd for me. I usaully can't stand the songs about sex and murder, and *shiver* rape... But, this song is so damn catchy!
Anyways, one of my secret passions is drawing...bloody pictures. Today my friend was looking through my drawing book, and came across a picture. That day i was really sad, and i drew a picture of a shot girl, and it said 'Shot Down' on the side. She gave me a look, i could not interpret it though. Either it was a look of disgust or just shock. Which ever one it was, i was rather embarrassed. I felt stupid... 
Anyways, another thing people usaully hide, is there sexuality. I recently found out one of my closest friends was bisexual. I mean, i have problem with bisexual people, i respect them as a person. I just don't agree with it (I'm Christian if you didn't know...).
Also, people lie about there feelings for you. My best friend and i recently got into a fight, she wouldn't tell me why she was so pissed off, and i took a guess. She was going to miss me, like, a lot. I didn't understand why she couldn't just tell me how she felt, why was she so ashamed of it? Was she embarrassed? Did she think that i would have judged her for that? Why couldn't she just tell me? I still don't know.
Any secrets you want to tell me? ;3 Comment!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Scary, creepy, freak, metrosexual, my life is failing on me.

Last night was babysitting with those two girls who called me a freak, remember?
It happened again, they judged me.
'Mimi, your disgusting for liking a gay man!'
'Mimi, your sick for writing poems'
Mimi, this Mimi, that.
They asked my favorite band and i answered truthfully 'Jack off jill' and 'Black Veil Brides'
"eww, what kind of name is that!?"
"Geez, it's just a name! Nothing wrong with that"
"Can we hear them?"
"Fine, whatever..." I went off to go get my MP3 from my back pack.
When i came back, it seemed as if they has been talking about something i wasn't supposed to hear.
I let them hear them, and they looked disgusted.
"HE SOUNDS GAY" The younger one yelled (She's 11)
"Yeah, he kinda does..." Said the older one (She's 14)
"Whatever, because he isn't, he's straight. He's like me, he's a metrosexual"
"What's that?" They asked me.
And i explained. 
Metrosexual is some one who looks gay, acts gay, but is totally hetrosexual.
I wrongly thought they'd understand because they are in public school, But, i guess not!
They freaked out and asked if my mom knew, WELL DUH. It's not like i'm bisexual! GEEZ.
I just answered yes. They giggled their evil little laughs. Ashley kept texting away. I hated everyone in that room, except for the small boy sleeping on my couch. I hated this time of the month, even more than when i have my period. 
Now, i said 'piss' and in my book, it isn't a swear word. Just how I was raised. But, they said that was a swear word. And i pointed out to them that there is NOTHING in the bible about swear.And i am a christian so, i believe in everything in the bible. They said i was wrong, but, they couldn't prove it. This has been a hard month on me lately, i can't wait for summer...


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

...I wish you could see me, and love me back...


Hey guys, this isn't going to be another poem post, more like something i need help with.
You see, one of my closest friends in moving to a new school, far away from me. She says she has no time to call me, to hear me out, to invite me over, or even to come over to my place. Now, i have another friend who is moving states, who has the time to call me and ask me over and she's in public school. I'm going to miss her dearly, so i've been kinda down and easily pissed off. Anyways, back to my friend who is moving to a new school. 
She has been... i dunno, what's a good word to describe 'slightly unresolvable, stubborn, and insensitive' all in one word?
I thought i want to break us up because it would be easier for her and me. If she was angry at me, and i hated her, then maybe it'd be easier for the two of us. Now i'm starting to second guess myself.
Maybe i only did it to test her and to see if she'd follow me, and find me. But, seeing her stay back and forget about me is...Hurtful.
She says she has no time, when honestly, if a girl who is moving away to Missouri who is swamped with homework, and goes to school everyday can make plans to go shopping with me, how can a girl who only goes to school three or four days a week never have time? 
What do you think? Should i let her go, going a long with my plan, hold on, or just drop dead?
V~Comment below~V

Monday, May 2, 2011

I will find a way without you.
Remember all those posts a while back? About breaking a relationship? Well, i think it's happening :D I'm rather proud of my self for finally saying 'you know what? *insert exactly how i feel*' I'm proud of myself for saying 'hey lady! I'm Amelia H. And i'm here to show the world something special!' :D
Gonna have a good time tonight, gonna have a good time tonight~<3

Saturday, April 30, 2011


I touched my warm heart as the tears flood down my cheeks.
I smiled softly as the wind blew through my hair.
The small rose i had placed on the ground in front of you sat quietly.
'I will always love you my darling...' I muttered to you and i placed my hand on your cold stone body.
'I wish you could be here with me too. I wish you could see me...'
I imagine you smiling back at me and telling me to smile, and to keep my chin up as you would do on any other day. 
Tears started to fall quickly. The memories flood through me...
'This cold stone body holds your corpse under ground. But, i hope your soul is in a better place' I tell you smiling softly.
I knelt on the soft dirt in front of you, i wiped my tears off my eyes. 
'I-I'll keep my chin up, even after you left me...'
I stood back up, i ran my hand over your stone body once again and left.
R.I.P. My love. You are six feet deep in my love.