V~*Click me for a surpise! :D Hehe!*~V

V~*Click me for a surpise! :D Hehe!*~V
Come in, come in children! Enjoy this demented, deranged show! Hehe!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Shut up...NOW!

You sit there complaining about how 'hard' your life is.
How 'horrible' you are.
What a bad person you are.
Why do you whine like a little baby?
Why throw a small fit?
Why not try to become a man?
'Why not change?' i asked.
'I don't want to,' he answered me.
'I see how it is...'
Why won't you change?
You don't you want to be happier?
Your like a stubborn little child.
Kicking your legs around and screaming.
You make me pity you.
Then you yell at me for wishing happiness for you.
I asked you what i can do.
You use me for your little game.
I'm tall and shy.
I just want people to be happy.
So i willingly go along with it.
But, today i've seen were this is going.
I'm not helping anyone.
This is only letting you get your way.
I won't be used anymore.
I won't play your GAME.
I don't like GAMES.
I don't play GAMES.
'What are you talking about?'
'I'm not going to fall for it again'
'I did no such thing! why do you--'
'Shut up...NOW. Suck it up you baby! i won't be used anymore!'
This is my story. That is what happened.
I'm being used. I won't be used anymore.

~Happy-Emo-Bunnies <3 </3

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Being Played Like A Game.

I've been played like a game. Today i woke up and realized this, 'he's just using me to get his way!'
This game must end. And I will end up on top. Now that i know this is a game with no rules, i can win this.

Give me power to over come all challenges, and win this game by making my way out of it.

Like my mother always said 'the only way to win is to not to play,'

~Happy-Emo-Bunnies <33

Friday, January 28, 2011

The Crow.

"Now what Rill?" Rina asked him. The crow sitting on her shoulder turned his head and answered "You decide,"
"Wow, that's a lot of help!" Rina said rolling her eyes. she walked to the edge of the cliff and looked over. "Look down there," Rill said hopping off her shoulder. He leaned his head over the cliff, barely holding on by his feet.
"What are they?" Rina asked leaning over the cliff also.
"I think it's Rath and Lust..." Rill told her
"Ah, crap!" Rina said sitting down, swinging her legs over the cliff.
"Shut up and looked at what they are doing!" Rill instructed.
Rina looked over, "Oh my gawd!" She said seeing the chained up towns folk, "What are they going to do!?"
"Sheshe will probably turn them into something like Sarah and Hime..."
"No!" Rina said getting up quickly. "BLUE ROSE" She said running her hand over her left eye. Blue fire covered it as she leaped off the cliff. Rill followed after her.
She pulled out her gun, "Singing Scythe!" She chanted as she pulled her hand along the gun, it glowed and transformed into a long scythe.
Once she landed she ran towards Rath silently. Just as Rina (in Blue Rose form) Raised her sword high and swung in down, almost cutting Rath's shoulder off, but, Rath dodge just in time. Lust hurried and pushed everyone into a large cage. The screams of scared children filled the air. "Twins Swords!" Blue Rose called, the scythe split into two long swords. Blue Rose slid her ankle under Rath's, making her fall backwards. Blue Rose headed towards Lust. Lust shot her hand forwards, as chains and straps shot out around her. Blue Rose dodged her way around them, cutting them off with her swords, she got close to Lust, but, suddenly a long chain wrapped around her leg, blue rose slashed it off and jumped down, a ran towards Lust jumped up and landed down on her collar bone, pushing her over. suddenly Blue Rose felt pain, and wetness. Rath had slashed and Blue Roses back. She turned around and slashed at Rath's arm. Blood spilled down onto the ground.

((Too lazy to finish~))
~Happy-Emo-Bunnies <33

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Too much.

Today a man who has a crush on me kissed me on the back of my neck.
This is enough.
I was shocked and scared, a ran off, running for my life almost.
I can't do this anymore.
I'm scared he will try something more.
Enough is enough.
Next time i'm slapping him.
That was TOO MUCH.
This is it. I'm breaking it.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Take a careful step, because, you can never run away from life. This dark path we share is full of rocks to trip you up. I'll catch you if you catch me...

For my heart will lead the way and you use me as a lantern.

At the end of this road lays our happiness.

Together we will reach it. 

And together we will lose it.

But, if we turn back and take the next path we are sure to find it again.

(( ))

When i'm the person you want, you'll be the person i hate.


Everyone has a side no one sees.
Mine, are my tears.
I act happy and cheery at school
But, in all honesty, I'm scared.
Worried about the future, about my tests, about my friends, and me.
'Who will i be today?' i ask myself walking threw the halls.
I want to be some one new. Again and Again i want to be reborn.
Someone happy. Someone sad. Someone who doesn't lie to the world everyday.
Someone who can cry the tears she held back for years, and just let it out, not ashamed of her self.

I Don't Hate You, But, I Just Want To Save You When There's Still Something Left To Save.

This is me, the me i write about in these blogs.


There is something i have to do at school tomorrow... It involves hurting someone. I don't want to hurt him, but, this is the only way to save him! I don't want to make him cry, i want to let him down gently. I can't say what he is going to do, because, he made me to promise not to tell anyone. But I know... I'm scared. I want to show him the light in the world and Jesus... But, how can i do that if I'm breaking his heart!? I'm so worried and scared...

~Happy-Emo-Bunnies </33 <3

I just want to heal you.

Monday, January 24, 2011

You Lose.

Who are you?
Who am i?
Where are we?
Who understands us?
Who will i be?
Who am i meant to be?
Where will i be in ten years?
Will i ever have you?
I ask myself these questions everyday.
Ask someone these questions,  they didn't see the deeper meaning. They thought that they knew everything. and they said (and i quote) "I win. You lose,"
What do they mean by that? This wasn't a game, it's meant to be taken deeply. To be thought about!
Some people don't get the meaning, the meaning of not knowing what will come next in life. I don't know where i'm going or where i should be...

Life isn't a tender game. It's more than just moments and breathes...

Saturday, January 22, 2011

The story about the name Happy-Emo-Bunnies

Bunnies are fluffy and cute right?
Surprisingly happy too!
But, what happens once one goes emo?
It becomes an out cast, a misfit.
I'm happy, i love the emo look, and i ADORE bunnies.
I believe i'm a misfit, if you've ever seen what i wear, you'd agree. But, my best friend doesn't believe this.
She thinks i've 'changed' apparently. I like my self more now. I have so many friends and i made two new best friends :3 doesn't sound bad to me at all, i don't know what she's talking about xD
Keep the face on your heart smiling kay~? ;3

((PS, if i AM just a wannabe, i don't care, because i am who i am!))


Gawd, I'm so freaking happy!!!
Heehee Ever have one of those days when you wake up and you say to yourself "LIFE IS AMAZING. I'M GONNA EAT CHOCOLATE AND YOGURT," Yup. Today was that day ^^, My brother told my a ghost story yesterday so i couldn't get to asleep and when i did, i couldn't stay asleep. BUT! Good point is i snuck downstairs and watched anime on Netflix! :D then i went shopping with my mom and we had a good laugh. You guys should seriously check out Meekakitty :3 i love her videos! So funny xD I watched Dane Cook this morning too x3 laughed so hard i woke up my brothers. Woopsies~ *Acts innocent* Teehee(?) Yeah. I'm also planning my next cosplay...*drum role*  TAOKAKA (Picture here) >>>

WUHAHAHAH, Cool huh? It hides my face and shows off my long legs, can you say perfect? ...*insert the word 'perfect' here*... Gooood~
Anyways, this is a totally random blog, no point to it or anything~ JUST A HAPPY BLOG x3
...My soda just exploded O.O EMOTICONS FTW. Obviously i'm having fun with them ;3
Yeah. GOSH I'M SO HAPPY. Back off haters ;3
Ummm~ So, anyone heard of 'Failblog'? HILARIOUS. I have kitty ears on xD Listening to metal right nao too :3 KITTY SPEECH TIME:
Mew (American)
Nyah (Japanese)
Kitty (American)
Neko (Japanese)
--The end(?)--
Does anyone out there who is an Otaku (don't ask) know the Japanese word for bunny?
Here is a link to Meekakitty>>>
Link-y links~ Speeking of Links. Chibi Link from Legend of Zelda IS SO ADORABLE!!

Heehee Soda makes me happy~ xD
Well, i think i've waste enough of your life.

~Super Happy-Emo-Bunnies <33 (No broken heart today!)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Whatever! :D

I'm BREAKING FREE from my fears. I'm breaking the LOCK, and running AWAY. To a land where i can BE who i AM. I'm saying 'What the heck?' to LIFE and having a little FUN. I wanna start a FIGHT, but, HEAL quickly.

Battle of BLOOD and TEARS...

I quickly turned around and pulled out my gun, "I'll handle this Riyuu," I said winking at him, "What are you doing?! Your gonna get killed!" He cried after me. I charged in pulling out my gun in front of me...smiling. I shot at the millions of black beast around me,Ii killed few but, that wasn't enough. "Scythe time!" I said running my hand along the gun, it started to glow as it transformed into a long scythe. I twirled around laughing delightfully, ripping threw the bodies of the Shadows. "If your gonna fight me, do it with your eyes OPEN," I cried threw my madness. After I had killed most of the beasts and charged into on at full force, then turned around and sliced down, cutting one in half.  Only three were left I jumped into the air spinning around and slamming the scythe's blade into the ground, the ground started to cracked and light poured out of the cracks. "This is finished," I said walking back to Riyuu, "Chain..." he muttered as the beasts burst into flames behind me. The scythe went back to it's gun form. "Told you i was good,"  I said with a laugh putting the gun in my bag. He pointed behind, his eyes growing large, one last beast was left, I threw my arm back smashing into it's stomach. "Ah~ so one was left~" I said in a cutesy voice, twisting  my elbow into it's rib. with my other arm i reached into it's chest, pulling out it's heart. "There~" I said, the dark red blood oozing down my arm. Riyuu looked disturbed. "What?" i asked licking my arm off, my kitty tail swaying. A cold wind blew.
He got up and ran away, like everyone does, "I guess that's over too," I said with a sad fake smile. I turned and started to walk as the wind blew my direction, "Follow the wind, he told me...What a load of B.S.," I muttered to myself a little frustrated about the old man's words of 'advice'.


Life has it's ups and downs.Sometimes i get so bored that i need to pick  fights with my closest friends just to make sure they care. Maybe it's because I'm insecure about my relationships, I think i have so many friends, but, they never call. They never email. One is sweet in real life, but, online she hurts me and makes me angry. I just want to make sure she cares.I'm just getting jealous that she has made a new friend who is better than me, and can help her more. I just want to be important to someone, i want to be needed. Because, if i lock myself in my room and cry, no one can hear me. No one comes up to check on me, no one comes to say 'what's the matter?'. last time i cried my mom busted in and yelled at me.  I wear my crazy clothes and act brave and strong, not afraid of what people say, but, inside, i shivering and embarrassed, i want to hide. I want to be noticed so i can have someone by my side to hold my hand and say, 'hey, it's alright, they don't care about your clothes' and 'your fine the way you are'. Maybe only a boyfriend can do that...

I'm taking a knife and stabbing me and my best friend's relationship so she can be happy. So she can be with her new best friend and stop worrying about me. Like i've said in every post 'i just want you to be happy'
If you read this, and you know who you are, don't talk to me about this...

--Not-so-Happy Emo Bunnies. </3 (Just broken today)

Love Truly Is War

Love truly is war... And i won't give up. Not on You, or Him, or Her. I will fight to the end for Our freedom. I won't and can't give up. I Love you too much to let go, I'm too weak to have the strength.

 Love is a big word and a small word. A word with many meanings, and very few uses. A word that everyone uses, but, no one means it. A word used by the people of this world. I can't take these lies anymore, if you really care, tell me everyday. I won't take this... </3 

I'll scream into this microphone till you hear me and get the message.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thrown Aside

Ever have one of those day when no one cares, when you reach out your hand for a handshake and your hand is slapped? Yeah, today was exactly like that. This one guy liked me a ton before, then, today, he threw me aside. The way it happened was a lot like in 'Alice in wonderland' when she is at the hatter's tea party, "No room," when, in truth, a million chairs are left... Maybe I'm just sad that i was forgotten, ditched, maybe with is just self pity, but, I'm hurt. Later he comes up and hugs me like it's no big deal. Maybe this is making a mountain out of a mole hill, but... Yeah. Not much else to say. I want to tell him how i feel about him running off and leaving me all alone when we were hanging out. ((By the way, we aren't dating, just friends)) I can't tell him, i know the answer, 'What are you talking about? I did no such thing!' or 'Yeah, so?'. That's how ever conversations end when i try to tell people how i feel...
--Current mood: Wondering
--Wants to: Draw more emo pictures
--Extra: I wish i had more followers, how do i get noticed here!? Doesn't matter i guess...

~Happy-Emo-Bunnies <3 </3
((ps: If you are one of my friends in real life, that sounds weird saying that, don't comment, i want my identity to remain a secret))

A little about me...

This is my first ever blog, and i haven't talked about myself lately huh? Is that even what your suppose to do in a blog? Ah, it doesn't matter much. Here are a few things about me that i want to tell the world.
1. I am really random! xD :3 >:) RAINBOWS
2. As you can see from my other blogs i get distracted easily-HEY LOOK! A CHICKEN!!! Yeah, i get off track easily ^^;;
3. i like emoticons! xD =^.^= \(^o^)/ =D it took all my will power to leave them out of my other blogs x3
4. I can be sad and depressing sometimes ((I'M SO SORRY FOR MY SAD PITIFUL POSTS!))
5. I like the colour blue and purple.
6. i love accents, like English and Irish ones xD So cool!
7. I'm 3/4 Danish~ ((I think, i don't remember exactly >o<;)
8. I really tall and it annoys me.... i can't wear my favorite platforms xO they make me 6'1" ;_;
9. I friggin' social butterfly~ ((See earlier posts))
10. i attract odd people.
11. People tell me i have bad taste in men T~T
12. at this moment my head phones are failing me, i need to buy new ones xO
13. I love metal and rock.
14. i can be a bit of a spaz sometimes, though, i'm kinda over that.
15. Today i was thrown aside and ditched by this guy who claims he 'likes' me.
16. I abuse the word love everyday... I 'love' this drink, i 'love' you. So on.
17. I can't spell very well, so forgive me
18. I'm an Otaku (Only other otakus know what i'm talking about)
19. I love drawing.
20. If i'm not 'okay' i'll tell you other wise.
21. I get annoyed easily, but, i hold back my feelings.
22. i lie about my feelings to make sure you aren't hurt.
23. I start fights with my friends on purpose sometimes. Just to test them.
24. This isn't making me sound like a better person huh?
25. i sat next to a cute boy in math class today xD
26. I dyed my hair blue about... two or three weeks ago.
27. My favorite sport is swimming.
28. I want more followers.
29. My best friends choose each other over me.
30. And i'm actually okay with that.
31. I can be stubborn and annoying... I'm sorry.
32. How long is this going to go on for?
33. I talk to myself all the time... >.<;;
34. My favorite number is 7, 72, 21, and 9.
35. I don't go to a public school.
36. I need to get a life.
37. I'm writing a book.
38. I need to make my posts longer.
39. i want your opinions on everything.
40. All i want in life is to make you happy.
41. I can't fall, even if i know some one will catch me, i don't trust them.
42. I rant a lot ((Did i already say that?))
43. I write all the time.
44. I am a lolita/harajuku/cosplayer.
45. I want to sing my heart out.
46. I want to be a better person.
47. my dream is to become famous so i can make people smile with my acting/fashion/singing/drawing.
48. I love life a little too much. They say the trick to life is to not get too attached to it.
49. my favorite song lately is Strawberry Gashes and Cherry Scented by Jack Off Jill ((Link in profile)
50. I want to be able to save you from your demons.

Yeah. That's a lot of pointless nonsense huh? You don't have to read it if you don't want to.
Happy Emo Bunnies signing off! <3 </3

Top Ten most annoying things to me ((RANT ALERT! don't read unless interested in my little rants))

10. When some one doesn't get a joke
9. When some one is cheating and they deny it.
8. Popcorn that burns or doesn't pop all the way threw even though you put it in for the time the bag said to.
7. Popcorn getting stuck in your teeth
6. Labels (We all heard my earlier rant)
5. People who try to change your opinions
4. When people complain everyday about everything.
3. Sad people who are stubborn and won't cheer up ((I have a friend like that))
2. When you try to explain to some one something and they get it, but, just don't want to do it.
1. People who think they are so clever and don't know when to stop.

((Sorry, one of my friends was pissing me off so i had to get this off my chest. SORRY FOR THE SAD POSTS. I'LL MAKE SOMETHING HAPPY SOON!))

--Love you guys
~Happy-Emo-Bunnie s</3

Me? A Social Butterfly?

I just realized this today at school, i'm friggin' social butterfly! Shocking, i know. But, i kinda already new that. My mom always said i could talk to a stick because i am so happy and talk to much. I like to talk, i like hearing others talk too. I like to read and i enjoy learning about people. It pisses me off when people try and change me, but, i try to ignore that. Maybe my 'social butterfly'...ness is because i'm always happy? I don't know. Maybe it is because i look past the face and body and see the soul inside. I do sometimes judge people by their looks, but, everyone tends to do that too. We all need to get over that. Maybe it's also because i don't believe in labels. I hate it when people label others as 'weirdo', 'pervert'(People call other people who are BI perverts), 'goth', 'emo' and so on, when they really don't know the person. Personally i ADORE the sad emo look! But, according to labels i'm to 'preppy' to be emo. And that is exactly why the name of this blog is 'Happy Emo Bunnies' because i want to be recognized as someone different. That i'm not for labels or any such things. ANYWAYS, this is off the point. The point is my one question of the public (nonexistent public never-the-less!) is it good to be popular with the 'weird' people and normal, popular people. Because i fit in with both... I talk to sad lonely people and the 'normal' people. I feel it's best to except everyone and everything about them no matter what it is. You shouldn't ditch someone because you don't their friends or their clothes.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Beauty of Friendship.

I have some wonderful friends in my life, and some... not so wonderful friends, but, never-the-less, they are my wonderful friends. I love them all the same, after my obesity my new best friend told me i was beautiful and kind. She made me so much better. She is just a lovely person, thank you so much. I have cried in front one of my best friends twice. I never want to do that again, i hate people seeing me sad. One of my bad qualities is lying. Not about bad things, about my feelings. I want to be stronger so, i tell people I'm okay and i don't need help. But, really i want a shoulder, just a simple shoulder to cry on. I want to be understood, and yet... i don't want people knowing everything about me. I guess I'm just a tad confusing, but, i like messing with people's heads (in a good way). But, this post isn't about me, this post is about my friends. My friends. My wonderful kind friends who care. Sometimes i feel like they don't, other times i want to punch them, most of the time i want to hug them though. My friend Al-chan (Not her real name) always makes me feel batter when I'm said, she can make me laugh easily. Well, actually it's more like i make her laugh and seeing her happy makes me happier. My friend Ro-chan always makes me laugh, and we can talk about everything because we are so alike. My friend others friends just make me smile. I met this one guy Shinko-kun, he is always depressed and sad, i try to do my best to make me smile and laugh. It's hard but, i believe in the end of this relationship with him everything will work out. I want to show him God and turn him into the light so he may bask in it. I love them all, i think friends are a lot like stars, i may not see them all the time, but, i know they are there (it's a quote from a book I'm reading by the way). They are so beautiful, they are my roses in my rose garden, and i intend to keep them safe and watch over them with motherly care. When they are sick and sad, i will be the one to cheer them up. When ever i see them and I'm sad, there beauty cheers me up. So i will repay the favor and be there for them as well. I will hold them and be their shoulder, their crutch, their hand to hold. Even if i have no where to go, no hand to hold, no crutch  to help me along, no shoulder, even if i lose everything, I will be here for you. For everyone. I want to be there for the world. I want to make everyone smile.

I love you my beautiful roses
~Happy-Emo-Bunnies <3

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Today I learned in class that a BMI (body mass index) over 30 means your obese. She gave us a site to check what ours were... Yeah, you guessed it. I was 29.5, I already new I was fat and ugly, but, I was started to feel better about my self lately. I thought, "Hey, this is me! And I like myself!"
Then this came along, now I feel stupid, ugly, and fat all over again . I have tried to loose weight, seriously, I have! I did like... 20 or 30 sits ups every morning, ate less, all the jazz. Didn't help. they all say "It doesn't count muscle," I know I have no muscle except in my big fat legs...
So, my questions for all ya'll are

1. Ever felt fat?
2. Did you try to lose weight?
3. Did it work?
((Please, i am worried and sad about my weight and need suggestions!!))

Monday, January 17, 2011

Ghost Heart

By Happy-Emo-Bunnies

A girl passes down the long halls of her high school. Hair long and straight, clothes black and dark. Her face pail and emotionless. She holds her books in her arms quietly waiting for her class to start. No one sees her, she is invisible to the rest of the world. She doesn't smile or laugh, in recess she just sits there reading. A book no one has heard of, and no one ever will. At home her mother yells, her father hits, she sits emotionless. She goes back to school bravely, another she is fighting the dark emotions bubbling up. She takes out the knife and places the cold metal to her arm. Then a tear slips from her eye, and she drops it.
Like any other day of her life, she sits alone, but, this day is different any other day.
"Hey," Says a small shy voice. She looks up and stares at this new face.
"Are you alright? I see you sitting alone a lot..." I said standing in front of her.
The girl's heart lifts from the dark hole her heart was in before. She shook her head, I down and hugged her, "It's alright..." I said holding the sad girl in my arms
Then, she started to disappear, Her body broken into puzzle pieces and floated up into the air, going up towards heaven. I smiled slightly, "I wish the best for you..."
All that was left of her was the book she was reading, a lock, and a single beautiful key.
The book was intitled,
'Wishing to be unlocked'

Ghost Heart was based after two songs, 'Hero' by Superchic(k) 
and 'Strawberry Gashes' by Jack Off Jill.
-Thanks for reading~ 
Happy Emo Bunnies.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

When I Am Queen

(Inspired by this song:

Once a kind queen gave birth, to a daughter. Her hair was black as night and her eye red as blood. Never the less, her mother loved her. But, she hated her mother. She was wrathful, she ran away into the forest all the time and tortured the servants with there work. She had a best friend, her brother. He was always with her, helping her and doing her bidding. She had many enemies, her servants hated her along with the town's people. When she was ten her mother died (Reasons unknown) She took over being the eldest of the two children. She took over the throne, and ruled with a wrathful hand. She took all the money from the town, sucked it dry. She hated the world and wished for it to die. No one knew here reasons though. One day the town decided to plot against her, to save the town from dying off. Her brother heard them talking and told his sister. She wasn't worried at all, she sent the guards to kill them off. They refused. "What was that!?" She asked, they went out. secretly they were part of the rebellion. She left the castle quickly with her brother.

((I'll finish this later~))

Saturday, January 8, 2011


My heart was broken by a man last year. He was the first guy i ever fell in love with, yes, it was one sided. He was 17 and really nice. Kind and understanding. Very trustworthy. I told him in a secret letter how i felt. I went to my school dance later that month and saw him there, with another guy. Dancing. At first in my mind i thought they were only kidding, i dance with my gal pals sometimes to just joke around but, then they started to make out. My heart felt like it was snapped and stabbed. It shattered. It was my first heart break. I still haven't gotten over that horrible day, i replay it in my mind over and over again, trying to find some kind of release. But, there is none. People say that your first love will bare no fruit, i think that is about right. I've never been able to trust people easily, and this didn't help.

That's my story of pain.
I still think about it and what i could have done differently to change the outcome.
Even though i know there is no way to change this.

But, if i think about it, i became stronger threw this. I can talk to anyone, be who i am. I'm strong enough to stand alone now, he was the one who made me want to change. It shows how God knows best. He may test us and give us challenges but, once we over come them we are closer to him.

-Heart Broken Emo Who Trusts In The Lord signing off!

Little Red - Fatal Mistake.

 Little Red - Fatal Mistake

This is little red, she is quiet and shy. Helpful and happy.

"Take this to your grandma," Her mother instructed,

"Alright mum!" Little Red replied as she happily skipped away.

She reached a forest, it was dark and filled with rather odd noises.
 "Beware, Wolf loose in woods. Take Detour or certain death
 -Woods Man" read a sign.
Little Red thought about the sign, but, decided if she hurried it should be safe.
"I'm not scared of any wolfs!" She thought, "There aren't any wolfs here,"
But, she was wrong. Little did she know that the wolf was watching her this very minute.
He jumped down from the tree where he lay, "Hey Cutie, why don't you go with me?" He asked her,
"Mum said to hurry or...-"
"-did she really say that?" The wolf asked,
"N-no...," She replied.
Like the snake he had tempted her.
"So, how about it?" He asked again.
"Alright," She said taking his hand.
He ate away at her heart until it turned as black as his.
                        Trusting Him
    ...That was her fatal mistake....

Friday, January 7, 2011

Left behind...

Ever feel felt behind? Always alone? Invisible? Disposable? All of the above? Yeah, that's how i usaully feel. I had a popular stage in my life but, that ended quickly. My two best friends would choose each other over me. We use to walk the halls together at my school, guess who would be behind? Yes, that's right. Me. Also having just two older brothers who like video games and such doesn't help either. All they talk about is video games and math. When i try to talk to them i just get ignored. my mother is also busy, my only friends i can rely on are my friends from church and the people i've met online. but, i met this one guy earlier this year, he made me feel better about myself. He told me he loved me and that i made him feel good. He fell in love with me, yup, the first guy to have a crush on me. I was so amazing, i was so happy. He would hug me and tell me i was pretty, which i have low self esteem, he would come over to me when i was eating lunch and talk to me. He creeped my best friend out but, personally i liked the attention. it made me feel loved, but, then he moved on. We hardly talk... i don't know what i did to push him away, but, he doesn't talk to me. I guess i will eventually push everyone.
Sorry for a depressing first post ^^; I'll make something more happy next time~