V~*Click me for a surpise! :D Hehe!*~V

V~*Click me for a surpise! :D Hehe!*~V
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Saturday, November 10, 2012

The other day it just kinda of struck me that no one has a perfect life.
Ever. I had always known this, be I never realized how true it is.
I had this friend, she was rich, had a beautiful big home, and got everything she wanted. But, her father left her as a child, and her mom had died. She now just lived with her grandparents.
My other friend, she is beautiful, has the perfect eyes, the perfect body, perfect everything. But she hates herself, and wishes she was different.
Another girl I know, she is beautiful and kind but is terribly ill and can't make it outside because she was so weak.

The other day I was hanging out with my friend after lunch, and he said 'My acne is terrible.'
To me, it really isn't as bad as he thinks it is. I think everyone has something they hate about themselves that they think is worse than it actually is.
I think the only way we can be truly happy with our lives is to accept things as they are.
I'm chubby, and that's okay.
I am extremely tall, and that's okay.
I'm overly sensitive, and that's okay.
I think if we can get over the things that we think are 'wrong' with us, we can become happier.
Because hating something isn't going to change it. On days when I feel insecure, I write a list of things that are 'right' with me.
I think to have people accept you, you have to accept yourself. If we just accept and love our flaws we can become more confident.
And I think that if we can accept out flaws than others can see that, and see how happy we have become. And maybe they can be happy too.