V~*Click me for a surpise! :D Hehe!*~V

V~*Click me for a surpise! :D Hehe!*~V
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Sunday, July 17, 2011

R.I.P. Amelia Loveless.

Hello, this is Mimi's (AKA Amelia Loveless) father speaking/writing this.
Amelia died 7/17/97 from a allergic reaction to a bee.
She was stung by a bee, and suddenly, she had a hard time breathing, we called 911. But, we live far back so they had a hard time. When they arrive, it was too late. I am sorry to inform you of this...
Oh, my little fiends, how foolish you are! I haven't died, i almost did. Well, not really. I was 'close' to getting rabies though!
So, here's how it went down:
I have three cats, Trinket, Broba, and Jeorge. (Oh, by the way, all these cats are girls. Can you tell which one i named?)
I was sitting in side, listening to Pandora on my family's Roku. And i see Broba holding a, from what i can see, a pack rat. I live near a forest/swamp area. Suddenly, it twitched! I got excited, think that maybe i could do some nice for the poor animal. Now, before i go on, i want to tell you something. I have saved cats (three actually), snakes, birds, and moles. So i thought this small, cute animal would be no different, I pick up the small scared animal, put it deep in the forest, and save a life. That's not how it happened. I chased after Broba, yelling 'DROP IT!' and 'PUT IT DOWN!'. Broba dropped it a few times, but picked it right back up. I grabbed Broba, and took the rat out of Broba's mouth. The rat bite deep down into my right hand, index/'pointer' finger. It hurt, but i didn't care, i've been through worse. I tried to take the rat off my hand, but he held on tight. I didn't shake, i took his mouth, pinched it, and took his long teeth out of my hand. I dropped him, and pushed Broba away. Sadly, My dear Trinket took the animal away... My hand was bleeding too much, so i gave up the fight. I guess that's just the way nature works...
 I walked inside and began to cleanse the wound. My dad yelled and lectured. Funny how parents yell when you get hurt, i mean, IT AIN'T HELPIN' MAN! Anyways, my dad called 911, thinking i am have gotten rabies. A while back my Sunday school teacher said that it you get rabies, you have to get 50 shots. In the stomach. Long needles. Painful. I started crying. For one thing, this had been an awful day, it was last day i saw my best friend before she moved away to another state, AND THEN I GET BIT TRYING TO DO THE 'RIGHT THING'! And it hurt, like a lot. Still kinda does... Maybe that's because i'm stupid and keep poking it... Geez. Even after all this, i don't blame the rat, it didn't know i was trying to save it. Anyways, we went to the doctors, entertained the nurse by telling my story, got medicine just in case, got a soda, and returned home. Over all, this whole thing took three hours. Oh well, at least i have a story to tell!
Love you, my fiends!

~Amelia Loveless </3