V~*Click me for a surpise! :D Hehe!*~V

V~*Click me for a surpise! :D Hehe!*~V
Come in, come in children! Enjoy this demented, deranged show! Hehe!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Too bored, wrote short story that makes no sense for you guys, enjoy!

My shoe-less, sock-less foot softly touched the cold steal metal of the trains foot step as I climbed into the beautiful purple train. The train sat out side of the courtyard of my hollow home. The train glistened in the moonlight of our 13 o’ clock hour. Inside was a sight to see, the walls of the corridors that led to the passenger car was lined with red velvet, the small vents that hid out of side from the passengers rushed cold wind from the outside into the corridor.
‘Don’t worry, it isn’t this cold in the passenger car, trust me,’ the man explained to me, ‘We need it this cold, so we can survive in here,’
He held out his scaly hand, showing he wanted my ticket so I could proceed into my respected seat.
I handed him my small gold ticket, my hand grazed his, I could feel how hot he was.
‘Of course,’ I thought, ‘Reptiles need to stay cool’
He handed me back my ticket after he checked it off with his long, pointy finger nails.
‘Last row, third seat to the left’ he told me and pointed to the door to my right. I nodded and thanked him, and continued on.
I could here him whisper to his partner ‘She was a strange looking one, never seen her type around here’.
He probably should have waited till I was fully out the door. I reached my seat at the back of the car, and sat out in the third seat, it was a lovely. I had the window all to myself. Sad it only reminded me of my ugly exterior, I could see my horrid reflection in the window. A sudden jerk stopped my ‘self pity party’ in the midst of it. The train slowly chugged a long, pulling along all of the passenger cars, and the small coal car hooked on the end. I suddenly realized the astonishing fact that I was all alone in this small car. No in front of me, and no one could possibly be behind me for I was in the last row.
‘But, when I bought my ticket, the man said that this was the last one…I wonder where everyone could be…’ I thought to myself as I leaned on my elbow, leaned my head on my hand, and looked out the window. The train quickly chugged past all of the scenery, the trees looked like little blurs in the distance. The only thing I could make out was snow. And lots of it. The small snow drops couldn’t be seen anymore. The train felt like it was going a little too fast to be safe. The train tilted as it headed up a hill, and tilted back down as in head forwards on the tracks. My memories of that day came back to my head, I felt sorry for what happened to you so long ago. How could this be so marry? The train suddenly stopped, creating a loud screeching sound. I quickly stood up, and ran to the door that led into the corridor.
Blocked by the dead bodies of the two reptile men. I ran to the back of the car, and swung open the door, a cold wind swept over me and a stood on the edge of the door. I jumped down onto the tracks and tried to see what was going on. The front of the train had been smashed in by something, and now was on fire. The dark smoke reached high into the sky, Sadness over whelmed me. I’d never reach where I was going now… My two small ears flapped in the wind, a loud silenced hushed over the snow as a boy walked towards me. He looked a lot like me, I blushed and looked up at him, and he looked down at me. He stepped near, and started humming a song. ‘…’ I said nothing. And then I joined in. I knew this song, and only one other person knew it. ‘I thought you were dead,’ I told him.

Yeah, it makes no sense D: This is just an out line for a short story manga i am going to write today ^^