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V~*Click me for a surpise! :D Hehe!*~V
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Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Poison Preview:

The first few pages of chapter one:

“I’m so excited,” I said with joy to my mother. I was about 11 years old at the time.  My mother was standing next to me as I sat on a table. We were waiting for my brother’s Japanese teacher. We were going to go to china down in Seattle, we had gone there before, but, going to chine town on a field trip made this, some how, more exciting.  Maybe it was because I was going with people I didn’t know, and maybe it was that they were all way older than me. After a while of waiting, HE arrived. Tall, thin, beautiful in every way, his eyes were brown, but, something about them made them seemed like the sun. So bright and clear, also he was wearing punk clothes, a black short sleeved shirt over a black and grey striped one, a simple chain necklace, and baggy black cargo pants. I didn’t know his name at the time, but, I thought he was cute. Everyone told me I had and still do bad taste in men, and maybe I do but, it’s all just an opinion.  Even for my age I started to like boys, I was quite girly when I was younger, I still am, though. The teacher finally arrived, we handed her our permission slips so we could get on to that damn bus! I wasn’t actually even in the class, my brother was. He was 16 at the time.  My mom didn’t want me to stay alone at school for such a long time so, since she was a chaperone so she had permission to take me along too. Oh, this will probably explain a little better about situation, as you can probably tell; I don’t go to a ‘normal’ school. Mine was different. ‘*beep*’ as we called it, ‘*beep*’ stood for ‘*beeeeeeepppppbloopbeepybeepbeep*’. That was the name of my school, a mouth full huh? Well, *beep* was different because, we got to choose our schedules. We can choose what days we go to school, what classes we take, and even what time! I loved my school, it was amazing. I made friends easily, everyone was very friendly. Anyways, back to the story, the teacher arrived, my mom and her chit-chatted, and we boarded the magically ship i called 'the bus', yeah as you can tell, i was rather excited like i stated before. I sat right behind the cute guy I mentioned before. I can’t recall most of the bus ride. I remember talking to my mom and listening to the teacher talk to the girls on the bus about make-up and such. After a long ride, about two hours long we came to our destination, China Town.  The (cute) boy in front of us had fallen asleep, I thought it would be best to wake him up. I poked him a couple of times, lightly pulled his hair.

He woke up and I told him “Umm… We’re here now…” In a shy voice, he stared at me for a few moments, it was rather awkward, I pointed out the window to show him, and to try to make him understand this situation.  His eyes followed my finger to the window. He sat up and stared at me again, then the teacher broke this awkward situation telling everyone that we had arrived and to get off the bus in an ‘orderly fashion’. He turned towards her, showing that he was paying attention. I felt bad, I thought about saying sorry for pulling his hair, but, it was too late.  We all exited off the bus, and stood in front of the large shop, it was decorated with beautiful dragons, red and gold poles with more dragons wrapped around and ran up and down the streets. It was lovely, I did so enjoy coming here. It wasn’t my first time, I’d come here about once a year. She told us to meet back here at 2:00 PM. And so we parted and I lost site of him.  That day continued on, we shopped, ate the greasy, deep fried food they sold there and met back outside of the store. I kept looking around for him in the crowd of students, but, I just couldn’t see him. I never understood my wild obsession with him. I probably should have stopped looking for him, this obsession with seeing him came back to bite me later, but, that will come later in this story. We all entered onto the bus again, my mother and I sat further back in the bus, and, coincidentally, the boy from before sat right next to us.
 I smiled and tried not to make eye contact with him. I was still embarrassed about how rude I was before. But, instead of keep my fat mouth shut, I tried to act cool and ask where he was all day.
“Hey,” I said, in a little-louder-than-I-expected voice. It came out awkwardly, and he didn’t notice me the first time I said it.
And so, I tried again, yet, I waved this time, thinking that is I moved enough he’d notice me.
“Umm, hey?” I said again.
‘Why did I say that in a form of a question?’ I asked myself, ‘I’m such an idiot some times…’
“Oh, hello,” He said in a kind, honest voice.
My heart stopped as his words floated into my head.
“Hi,” I said. ‘Ah, crap! I already said ‘hey’! Now he’ll think I’m weird!’
Then, I was about to pull a cheesy line out of my ass, when my mom saved me.
“So! What did you buy?” She asked in her own motherly way.

“Oh, just these,” He said pulling out a pink Hello-Kitty case and handed it to me.
“How cute,” I said smiling. I had a small obsession with cute pink things at that time.
He took it from me and opened it, revealing cute tiny pair of chopsticks.
“Ooh~ Nice. I love Hello-Kitty” I said smiling at him, brightly.
“Cute, huh?” He asked me.
I nodded.
There was a small pause in our conversation, as it reached its end.
“So, what did you buy?” He asked me.
Seeing how I had only bought a small eraser shaped like an ice cream cone, I told him I had bought nothing special.
My mother on the other hand, had bought a magazine filled with cute Lolita clothes from Japan. My mother took over the conversation, and that was that.
That was my first encounter with the one man who would make me feel like magic.
Later, after we were alone, I asked my mother what was his name.
And she said, “Rill,”
Rill, eh? It’s a sweet name.  The next time I encountered him, I made a fatal mistake.
The next time I encountered him, I learned something that would change my view on life forever.
I saw him off and on, passing by him in the hall ways and such. You know how it is. I stared at him, he’d notice me. I’d blush and turn away.
That was how it was, at that time, I was a super shy girl. I knew nothing of the world outside of mine. It would usually just be me, myself and I. Alone.  My best friend was Izzy. She was a shy girl too. Almost more shy than me. Nothing happened between Rill and me that year. Things started to heat up when the year was almost at its close, and the next year, when I took a hold of life and changed. And what I mean by change, I mean a serious change. I changed everything. At the time, I had been hanging out with the… ‘popular’ group. Well, as popular as it gets in a co-op program where we were half public schooled and half home schooled. Yeah, I went to an odd school to say the least, the people there were even stranger. But, that comes later. Back to what I was saying, I was in the ‘popular’ group at the time, it was a group of about five. Here’s the order of people and there roles.
1) Oryash. She was the rudest girl in the whole school, and she new it. She could swear more than an old sailor, and get away with it too. She could charm any man with her huge boobs and straight black hair. She used this one guy for his money. She squeezed every single drop out of him. I feel sorry for that poor kid…  She plays the role of ‘Head cheerleader’. She actually was a cheerleader.
2) Raychel. She was a sweet, short, girl. She was the second in charge. She new everyone and was our connection to anyone and everyone. She and her boyfriend were nice when you’re alone with them. But, when Oryash came along, she totally change. She was the girl who almost swore as much as the head ringleader.  She was full of a ton of dirty jokes. Mostly involving some one being gay, or a retard, but, mostly just about man parts.  But Raychel was also a traitor to Oryash. Oryash had a butt as big as her boobs, and so, that was the point of everyone’s attention. And so Raychel would make fun of her behind her back. But, by herself, she would stand up for you and was very kind.
3) Raynay. There is a word for a chick like this. *insert anything you want here*. She was the MEANEST, CRUELEST girl in the school. As many people would say it, she thought she was ‘all that’. She bragged how big her small chest was, how tall she was, and how ‘pretty she was’. She HATED me. She was always trying to 'one up' me, and after a while, I started to stop caring. This girl was the (or at least what she thought she was the) super model of the school.
4) Lacey (who ever that was)
I know nothing about this girl, but, everyone in our ‘group’ new about her, and how amazing she was. I have no clue who she is, I’ve never met her. EVER.
5) Me. I am a curvy girl, I was and still am five foot eight inches. I had a unique sense of style (which was what Rayna hated about me). I was the shy girl who completed the group. The girl who would just hang in the corners, and be the sweet one of the group.

     And so, I was kind of a…brat back then, I really wish I could turn back time and fix everything I had ever said and done to anyone and everyone.  I took men who joke around and mess with young girls hearts very seriously.  One boy, his name was Jake. He was a jerk. He thought that it was hilarious whenever he called me ‘hot babe’ and ‘sexy’ and I blushed. It was something I loved, and hated all at the same time, but that’s not the point, I must tell you about what happened next between me and Rill. Me and my best friend Alycia thought it was funny to write fake love letters to guys we ACTUALLY liked, then just say it was a joke. It was an easier way to make an excuse to talk to them then actually becoming there friends.

I beeped out the name of my school, i don't want you stalkers to come lookin' for me D:<