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V~*Click me for a surpise! :D Hehe!*~V
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Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Hey guys, this isn't going to be another poem post, more like something i need help with.
You see, one of my closest friends in moving to a new school, far away from me. She says she has no time to call me, to hear me out, to invite me over, or even to come over to my place. Now, i have another friend who is moving states, who has the time to call me and ask me over and she's in public school. I'm going to miss her dearly, so i've been kinda down and easily pissed off. Anyways, back to my friend who is moving to a new school. 
She has been... i dunno, what's a good word to describe 'slightly unresolvable, stubborn, and insensitive' all in one word?
I thought i want to break us up because it would be easier for her and me. If she was angry at me, and i hated her, then maybe it'd be easier for the two of us. Now i'm starting to second guess myself.
Maybe i only did it to test her and to see if she'd follow me, and find me. But, seeing her stay back and forget about me is...Hurtful.
She says she has no time, when honestly, if a girl who is moving away to Missouri who is swamped with homework, and goes to school everyday can make plans to go shopping with me, how can a girl who only goes to school three or four days a week never have time? 
What do you think? Should i let her go, going a long with my plan, hold on, or just drop dead?
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Isabelle said...

Maybe you should hear her out and look and see how she feels. Because it could be that you are not alone on your feelings.
I would now

Amelia said...

I've tried, the point is, she doesn't hear ME out. She can't feel any worse than me.

Isabelle said...
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