V~*Click me for a surpise! :D Hehe!*~V

V~*Click me for a surpise! :D Hehe!*~V
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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Self Conscious Much?

So today some one came up and said my hair looked really pretty, and that she likes it alot.
Then he said it looked a bit green... Which made me sad. Green hair? Tinted green?
I mean, it'd be cool if it was bright lime green, or something, that would be totally cool with me! But, it's either all of none. Not just tinted. Now i am thinking about whether to dye it white-blond with pink and blue stripes or not... Ugh. I love dying my hair, it gives that extra something to every outfit. But, once it starts to fade, then it just gets ugly. I died my hair blue, then people said it was green, and that started getting to be after a while...
So anyways, i have just been thinking about my hair all day now.. Sheesh. *frowny face*


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