V~*Click me for a surpise! :D Hehe!*~V

V~*Click me for a surpise! :D Hehe!*~V
Come in, come in children! Enjoy this demented, deranged show! Hehe!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


The street lights were dim as i walked down the side walk, the car lights were the only things lighting my way as i walked to the store. I could see the neon lights of the food displays in front of me. I came to the window, i looked in and could see the fresh-looking donuts from this morning. I was enchanted by their delectable look. I shook my head telling myself that that's not what i had come here for. I opened the door as a small bell ringed, i headed to the back of the store to the frozen foods section. I opened the freezer door that was covered in frost and reached in as the cold air absorbed my hand. I grabbed a gallon of milk and a diet coke for myself. I walked up to the front of the store and i put my groceries  on the desk, expecting someone to pop up from behind the desk and check me out so i could leave and get back in home in time to finish up my studying. I waited a moment, then called out "Hello~? Anyone here?" I wondering if maybe they forgot to lock up.'no that can't be it, why would the lights still be on then?' i thought. I looked around, leaned over the table to see if anyone was, for some odd reason, sitting down there. No one. I went around the counter, and then looked at the door leading into the back room, "Should i?" I asked myself out loud, "...Nah," i decided to just leave it. I picked up the milk and put it back, along with my coke. Being the good citizen i was, i turned off the lights, flipped the sign to make it say that the store was closed, and i left. Feeling proud of myself and the 'good' dead i had done. I headed for home, suddenly i noticed that no one was around.No cars driving, no sound from young adults having 'fun', nothing! I looked around, the street lights started to flicker. "This is freaky," I muttered to myself as a cold wind blew, sending shivers down my spine. I felt eyes watching me, i spun around to see a man. About the age of 17. Tall, thin, one of those emo guys who wear all black and look like they've never seen the sun. I thought rushed to my head. "H-hello?" I said walking towards him, "W-who are you?" I asked about a couple yards away from him,he was looking at the ground, "You know..." He said speaking up in a deep, shallow voice, "You shouldn't go outside alone," He said taking a step closer, I took a step back. "W-why is that?" He started to walked forward. I wanted to keep my distance from him, so i moved back faster than he was moving forwards. "Because..." suddenly, me and him were face to face. Almost lip to lip, "There is such a thing as a vampire," I could see into his eyes. They were a deep red. At moments like this, a million things go through your head, ways to get out of this. And then, you decide on the stupidest one. Mine was running away. i turned quickly and started to run, the fear of dieing weighed my legs down. I started to trip over my own feet. The only thing i could think of was escaping.  I couldn't hear his foot steps. All i could hear was my tennis shoes hitting the cement and my heart beating like the speed of light.
I wanted to see if he was right behind me, but, i knew from the movies never to look back. That would cause you to fall and that would be the end of you. Suddenly, he was right next to me. I let out a little scream. More thoughts rushed to my head, i was still running, I saw an ally ahead and did the stupidest thing i could have done. I ran into it. Think that there must be a door to escape to. Some where to hide. But, just as my luck would have had it, there was none. I was stuck, cornered like a lab rat. And the poison sat right in front of me. He slowed down and walked in, "See? i told you..." He muttered, his hair hanging in his face, the shadows surrounding him. The wind blew around us, i noticed something right there and then. His feet weren't touching the ground.
"Now, the vampire is going to suck your blood, Hun," He said lifting his head with a laugh.His red eyes glowed in the darkness.
"Hun?" I asked confused, 'why did he call me Hun?' i thought to myself.
He came face to face to me, his face looked scared. His eyes were wide, the red of his eyes shimmered. He slowly opened his mouth to reveal sharp, long, vampire teeth. My eyes opened wide. My heart stopped. I sunk low in my chest. I had no where to go. His mouth came closer to my face. And at the moment a thought ran into my head. "No way..." I said out loud. In a few short seconds a theory came into my head. And it all made sense.
His eyes were cold, as if he was being controlled. Suddenly, a tear slipped from his eye. He looked like he was in such pain. His mouth was now so close to my neck that i could feel his cold breath.
"C-CJ?" I asked as i looked at his neck.
His face stopped moving closer to my neck. He backed up and looked straight into my eyes, i started to cry. I reached out and jumped into his arms. "h-how?" He said looking at the sky. Our tears started to fall to the ground. I held his so tightly, as if, if i were to let go, he would disappear again. Suddenly, the cars came back, the noises of adults having fun late at night filled the air. The street lights stopped flickering. I pulled back, and looked at CJ. The darkness around him fell off like paint chipping off of an old house. I could see his beautiful eyes, his soft brown hair, he felt warm. I closed my eyes, i could see his heart, it was glowing, it was breaking through the darkness.  I smiled through our tears. That night, i walked home, hand in hand with my first love.