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V~*Click me for a surpise! :D Hehe!*~V
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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

This is a really dark poem, so, if you can't stand sadness and gore i suggest not reading it.

Again. This is an extremely dark poem. If you can't take, it leave. I understand.

I watched the fire burned.
The small ones cried.
The girls, away they turned
The lady on the pike in the middle of the fire.
She screamed.
'Witch hunt, witch hunt, burn this girl,'
The crowd chanted.
I stood at the edge of the crowd.
The lady on the pike.
Her hair was long and black.
Her dress was dark red with her blood, and the fire burned the bottom of it.
A tear slipped from my eye and i clenched the book i was holding.
She started to cry and scream.
Why was everyone gathered?
Why did they watch her pain?
Even the kids didn't want to watch but... they did anyways. 
Her hair started to catch fire.
I watched, opened eyed.
She yelled, her pain was so...real.
They yelled at her. 
Their words so harsh...
She wasn't the real witch.
Only one.
And i knew.
I turned before the fire could reach her face.
And started to walk towards the grave yard.
'There's a carnival tonight... in the grave yard...' i quoted.
I headed up the shack onto of the hill in the grave yard.
I opened the door and set down the book on my table.
i sat in the corner of the room, my knees up next to my chin.
'I know who did it~' 
Said a voice.
The sounds of dripping came from the across the room.
I lifted my head to see the witch hanging from the ceiling.
Her skin was pealing away.
Blood dripped from her head.
'I know who did it~' she chanted, curling down from the ceiling like a snake.
I stared at her.
'I know~'
She slithered over towards me.
We were face to face.
'...You did~'
She opened her mouth.
Ate my black heart.


Ashley said...

very intresting...i like it! is there a moral? if ther is i did not catch it, but it has so much meaning to it...luv it!

Mimi-Chii said...

Kinda, she didn't take responsibility and so she paid the price. ^^;;

Isabelle said...

It is extremely interesting and true things like that really did happen and it is sad to think of it though

Mimi-Chii said...

Yeah, so very sad...
I added a picture \(^o^)/
That's what the witch looked like after the fire~