V~*Click me for a surpise! :D Hehe!*~V

V~*Click me for a surpise! :D Hehe!*~V
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Saturday, April 16, 2011


Here's another story about another girl being a jerk to me.
I'm not going to name names so, We'll call her...'Ray' and my best friend...'Ally' kay? Alright so here we go.
Now, Ray has always pissed me off, and she knows that now. She has always told me that i'm wierd and i should be more like her.
She has a lust for perfection, and i could careless. She wants everyone to like her, and to be like her.
Anyways, i need to get to the actual story...
Me and Ally were walking along, it was lunch break, so we had time to just hang out.
Ally and Ray are friends.
Ray comes up and starts talking to Ally, and completely ignoring me, which was probably for the best.
She starts talking about braces, and how her's are coming off soon. 
I told her that my brother had his on for the longest time.
She asks me if i'm going to get them, and i tell her no. I have the tiniest over bite, but, nothing bad enough to effect me.
She tells me i should, and i'll look better then.
I told her i didn't want braces, and i don't need them.
She keeps telling me i should get them, then she pulls out 'It's FUN'
Yeah, we all know that have metal on your teeth, pulling and pushing them around is 'fun'. 
No, it isn't. 
Then, she takes Ally, and drags her away. Ally asks me to come with her. I shook my head.
I cannot stand that Ray girl.
She pissed me off to know end. 
So i let Ally go with Ray.
Now that i think about it, i should have said this to Ray 'You know what? I'm not like you! I have no lust for perfection nor do i want to be perfect. I am who i am, i dress that way i like, i don't want to be like you, and i don't even want to talk to you, so back off and leave me alone!'
She has come up to me, and bullied me around.
I was in her little 'clique' but, not anymore.
I don't even want to get close to her.
And that's the end of my rant time :D Hope you enjoyed ^^ Questions? Comment below :D


Ashley said...

who are ray and ally- is ally izzy?

Elise said...

Yeah, _is_ Ally Izzy?

Amelia said...

No Ally is not Izzy, Isabelle is not in this story! Dx