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V~*Click me for a surpise! :D Hehe!*~V
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Friday, October 19, 2012

I wish I could be mean...

Sometimes, I wish I could be mean.
There is this girl in my school who is always alone, but she isn't all that different.
She likes anime and manga. Vocaloids, japan, and is in almost all my classes.
But, she's mean.
First time I met her we were on a field trip, and we went to Daiso. I picked up a manga coloring book and showed it to her because I knew she liked to drawing and manga. And I said 'Isn't this cute? I love these books, I think they are adorable!'
And she replied with 'God Amelia. You're so immature,'
I just stood in silence.
So you may think 'Hey maybe she WANTS to be alone'
She doesn't. She really doesn't. She'll tell you too.
I would still try to be nice to her once in a while, and when I was she'd always just complain about how she has no friends.
She really really wants friends, but when ever I try to be nice, or really ANYONE tries to be nice to her she shoots them down. Just the other day we were having a test and she was crying because she though she didn't do well and I said 'Hey deary, it's gonna be okay. I'm sure you will do great!' and smiled to cheer her up. All she did was glared at me and yell 'NO IT'S NOT.'

She wants kindness, but when she gets it she refuses. I wish I could stop being so nice, and I want to be able to just ignore her. But... I can't. I try, but I just can't.


Ashley said...

I think being nice is the best thing you can do! I know that sounds horrible, but when she gets older, she will look back at high school and remember you. She will remember how nice you were to her, even though she was a jerk to you-she will remember your kindness.